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18139 East Main Street, Parker, CO 80134
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"I just resigned my lease for my second year here at Trailside. I honestly cannot say enoug" ...
$1,634 - $3,048/mo

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Resident 2024


Great location but regret the apartments

I currently live on one of your properties, Trailside Apartments (Parker, CO), and i am very disappointed in the staff as well as maintenance! I understand it is a large size property, but that is no excuse to neglect your residence! My children and I have been here for 45 days and haven’t received nothing but a I don’t know about fixing things that should have been done upon moving in! The washer is full of mold and the dryer doesn’t even get hot! I have three little children with asthma and eczema so it’s very unhealthy and uncomfortable in our own home having to travel to maintain a clean environment for them when in fact my home is supposed to be equipped with these things! Being a veteran that deals with ptsd and anxiety taking my children out of the home when it’s not required is triggering and hard! I don’t mind doing the maintenance that I could do! I mean I fix my own tub that had been clogged for over a week! Yet things like the stove rattles every time it’s on for more than an hour is a safety issue if it catches fire! Not having… See More>
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    Resident 2022


    Highly Recommend

    I just resigned my lease for my second year here at Trailside. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this place. From the moment I was interested and went on a tour to resigning my lease every staff member and maintenance staff member has been so nice and caring. Every one of my maintenance requests and emails has always been taken seriously. Jessika has been so helpful from the beginning and she is truly an asset to the team. Safety is a huge concern for me here and I have never worried about my safety here at Trailside. Every time I have gone into the leasing office each woman that I have spoken with has always been so nice to me and my dog. The location is fantastic. My only complaint is how expensive the units are but that is just life in CO.

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      Resident 2020 - 2022



      After my girlfriend, father, mother, roommate, and myself spent 2 ENTIRE days cleaning my small 2 bed 2 bath apartment so it would be immaculate, I was not refunded my ENTIRE deposit because there was a bent towel bar (5$) and a spot on the carpet.” When my water heater kept going out in the middle of the night and I would call right away, they would vacuum the drip pan (because the water heater was leaking) and then tell me it was fixed. It took the neighbors downstairs calling to complain about water in THEIR unit as well! I could go on for hours but I am at work. Overall 1 out of 10 stars.

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        Resident 2021 - 2022


        TERRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE!! ------ TO BE CORRECT. Always felt unsafe in the parking lot. No cameras, no proof of who did what....The office team are the most negative I've seen anywhere The Manager is awful she needs a new career. She's got power that rides retaliation and negativity quietly covert. The crappy tenants who are noisy, retaliatory when they know you complained about their floor noise. People with kids shouldn't be on the upper floors especially loads of them in one unit. It was by far the worst experience ever. One crazy senior tenant below me came pounding on my door yelling to turn down a very low volume already. Walls and floors are paper thin. Then Vehicle thefts, Rapists....Then there are tenants who by awful behaviors couldn't have passed the criminal background. Complaints do no good they will actually look at you as the problem. Very much socialist behaviors of the Management including the Regional. They will get rid of you on your renewal for complaining about the trashy people and criminal behaviors in the parking lots and police are always on the scene. They don't care about those tenants causing issues and dragging the complex down to… See More>
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          Resident 2010 - 2021


          This is the WORST place in Parker to live. It’s completely gone down hill. Just this year we’ve had cars stole, a “violent sexual predator” in the complex (apparently there’s a bunch of other sex offenders here too), and last night, my friend was here for 30 minutes past 10pm and they towed his car for $260 and refuse to reimburse for this random crap. WE WENT OUT TO DINNER!! I wouldn’t call that an “overnight guest”???? We didn’t even receive a warning. The office girls are THE WORST. Rude, dismissive, and completely uninterested in trying to find resolutions for their residents. There were NO other guests with parking passes, my friend’s car was just parked by itself and it was easy for the criminals they use as a towing company(Wyatt) to tow it. My mother has been here for 14 years, and I’ve been here for 11. It was a nice place back then, but the new front desk jerks, and the new maintenance people are complete trash now, and let just anyone move it and don’t listen to residents grievances. Last year, a maintenance man knocked on my door, I was in bed relaxing so I didn’t answer,… See More>
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            Lashunda Thompson

            Resident 2020


            The NEW management is AWESOME Finally, things are looking up. I was so disgusted with the previous management that I was not going to renew my lease. The new management and their attention to detail and request is definitely a breath of fresh air. There were soo many issues with my apartment and I felt a little bad bombarding the new management with the problems but they fixed everything quickly and I haven't had to deal with any rudeness whatsoever. Melissa and Liza are awesome, very professional and LISTEN to any concerns. Maintenance is on it!!! I leave for work very early and knowing that I will be able to get out of the parking lot on snow days is a huge relief..... If it stays like this I will renew over and over until I purchase a house.??

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              Resident 2016 - 2017


              Current and future residents beware!!!! TONS of bogus charges. We just moved out of here, (after 6 months) paid the lease break fee just to get away. Was an amazing place to see and nice location, bit over priced. We signed up for the credit reporting for our rent. Was a nice added bonus. I went and paid our rent for the first month, early I might add, then on the 3rd we got a text saying our rent hadn't been paid yet. I went in, told Lisa I paid with check number blah blah, then they were like well let me see if we can find it. They called and said oh yeah we found it it was in a different stack of paperwork. Then the next month, they lost our rent check AGAIN along with our conservice check!!! Where's the file organization?!?! I spent 2 days scrubbing the place down before we turned in the keys. Still tried to charge me $80. Fought and got most of them removed. Don't bother cleaning carpets, get charged $60 "that's an average charge" Chasity said. "all residents get charged for cleaning carpets." Also word to the wise, DO NOT HANG PICTURES!!!… See More>
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                Resident 2017


                Lovely staff, amazing location. And a very "homecoming" feeling. Fell in love instantly.

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                  Resident 2016 - 2017


                  At this point, it's just a waiting game until our lease is up. We have the most annoying upstairs neighbors.They scream, swear, stomp around, slam doors, and throw their dog's pop down the balcony falling right into our doorstep. DISGUSTING. This reflects bad on the complex because despite attempts to get the people upstairs to be considerate, they remain disrespectful, so to me it feels like management does not properly address the situation.

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                    Resident 2016 - 2017


                    What makes this place ok to live is we're in Parker. The area is beautiful and has plenty of places within walking distance for the family. However once inside the apartment things change. The walls must be thin because I hear my upstairs neighbors every night... stomping around and screaming. Management has been notified multiple times and now it's just a matter of constantly getting police involved. (How Fun!) Maintenance is a joke... we are still waiting for repairs to be done from when we first moved in. I would think if I'm paying a pet rent that maintenance would at least pick up the dog crap from the public areas when lazy residents don't. Unfortunately it's a poop mine field when walking on any area with grass. So I have to tell my kids not to play in the open grass areas... how convenient! The rent is high compared to what you can get for purchasing a home in the same area. I will not be renewing my lease and I wouldn't recommend Trailside Apartments to anyone else.

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                      Resident 2016 - 2017


                      When I first moved in I loved this apartment. It was Quiet, and spacious. Now I have terrible neighbors above me. I am actually in the process of buying out my lease it's so bad. I can't even stand to be home because their stereo shakes my whole apartment. They stomp around like they have brick shoes on. And their dog runs around all day and barks. I can also hear them talking and sneezing while I'm trying to sleep. I've tried to confront them but they just ignore me and don't answer their door. I'm so frustrated living here. Also this apartment is a little over priced. I found out I could be renting a house with no upstairs neighbors for the same price. Not the apartment's fault I just wish they could say something to them. Very upset and angry at the moment.

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                        Resident 2014 - 2016


                        Apartments are average but appliances need updated. You sign a no drug policy but the residents in 9205 smoke marijuana daily on the balcony. Over priced rent for what you get. I would NEVER EVER recommend this place......2 thumbs down

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                          Resident 2013 - 2016


                          My family and I love living at Trailside! Great location, great accommodations, friendly and caring staff, kind residents, nice gym and pool. Family and pet friendly. Backs up to the Cherry Creek trail, leading to Railbender Park. Movie theater, brewery, Culver's are all a five minute walk away. What more can you ask for!? Never had any problems living here, and it's been practically 3 years.

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                            Resident 2015 - 2016


                            I have been here for close to 1.5 years now and have enjoyed my time here. I can sleep with widow open due to it is quiet back at my building. Staff has always treated me well and have responded to maintenance requests or suggestions. My biggest issue has been a dryer that ruins my clothes from time to time and all that happens is turning a belt. Overall, it has been a great place to live but have heard they stick it to you when you move out in making it impossible to collect your deposit. I don't know if this is true but we shall see if I ever move out.

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                              Resident 2016


                              So far we haven't had any issues. The maintenance guys are so nice and friendly. I love seeing them and saying hello while on my way to the parking lot. The grounds are kept clean and is usually fairly quiete. The only complaint I have is the plowing and sidewalk shoveling on the sidewalks. I do not think it's due to laziness at all, the guys are super hard workers. I just think they are under staffed when it come to that.

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                                Resident 2014 - 2016


                                Family of three here, been here for the last two + years. Nothing to complain about. When something is broken, it gets fixed quickly by the friendly maintenance staff. The pool is a great attraction during the dog days of summer, along with fresh coffee and treats at the front office, not to forget the friendly faces we get the pleasure of seeing who work at the leasing office. The clubhouse is equipped with computers, cinema style lounge with big screen TV, a pool table, high top tables and a kitchen. Trailside is really a wonderful place to live!

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                                  Resident 2014 - 2016


                                  I have lived here for over a year. I was offered a fresh start by the staff at Trailside. They looked past a previous negative rental history from when I was much younger. It was a helpful hand in the right direction. The complex is quiet and a great location. 5 mins from any main store, dental offices, pediatric offices, etc. I live in the 1 bed with a den. Perfect for my nursery. It connects directly to the bedroom. The snow removal could be better, but that's really my only complaint.

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                                    Resident 2014 - 2016


                                    Great staff. Maintenance is quick to take care of problems. The office staff is always helpful and accommodating. Snow removal could be better, but I've found that a universal problem in apartment living. Overall, no real complaints and we are close to everything. I signed up for a second year. Nuff said.

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                                      Resident 2014 - 2015


                                      While you live there it is great...but try to move out and i felt they took advantage of me. I am SO disappointed. FYI: you will NOT get your deposit back. :( Here is part of my letter to them if you want to know the TRUTH of what you are getting into: "We were unfairly charged for the cleaning of the apartment. My husband and I spent 10 hours cleaning an already clean apartment before handing in our keys to ensure there was nothing overlooked. I spoke with Ms. Stana at the front office about what was expected of us and wrote down everything to ensure our cleaning deposit returned. I was very frustrated when twice I was denied a move-out inspection from the management team (once from Mark and another from the front office). I was told that Trailside did not do move out inspections because it is not beneficial to either party. I explained that I had just spent 10 hours cleaning and I wanted to know that if a toilet simply needs to be wiped down I would rather do that then pay a person to come do it after I moved. I was denied… See More>
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                                        Resident 2015


                                        I have found the complex to be great! ADMN is always responsive, requested repairs are always fast, grounds are well maintained, my neighbors are friendly, the units are quiet, and we are close to everything! I am a happy camper!

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                                          Resident 2015


                                          Do NOT be fooled! Trailside has the worse customer service I have ever seen! They are rude, arrogant, and dishonest! They are never fair with the residents! Some of the examples include: losing resident packages, claiming to make repairs and not actually doing it and then lying about it! Hiking up rent beyond reasonable rates, and most upsetting, using their " clause" to modify policies to cover their mistake. It is not ever acceptable or right to treat long time residents like scum to remove a bbq grill that they have had on their patio for close to four years! You don't just one day decide you want change things and issue an ultimatum! I tried to help find a solution and they told me too bad and do it or else? Is that the type of business you want deal with? I am so done with Trailside! I am putting efforts to leave as soon! Beware that the property manager -------, and sales -------- are rude and will deceive you with threats and lies! They can not be trusted and offer no service what… See More>
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                                            Resident 2015


                                            Friendly, efficient staff. Treat my short term the same as those who have lived here for years. Noise from above apartment is distracting. Would recommend to friends. I think we should turn off outdoor lights during daylight hours and reduce the watering. We see standing water around the project.

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                                              Resident 2015


                                              If you are looking for a nice place, this is NOT it!! The unit model we were shown is sunny, and nice, and maintained. We were not permitted to see the unit we would be moving into, and it was immediately apparent why!!! The apartments are extremely run down, and we have had a constantly problem with mice, ants, spiders.... beyond what is acceptable. When it rains, the sidewalks flood and remain flooded; the siding of the building is rotting from water damage. The laminate on the cabinets is peeling off, and the doors fall off constantly. The closet doors with glass are extremely flimsy and have shattered twice already. We have to turn the heater on to get hot water to take a shower or bath- even in the heat of summer!!! The back room does not get very warm in winter, and the walls feel like there is no insulation between the wall and the outside. Parking is completely insufficient, and the lighting outside is very poor. The walls are very thin, and I can hear everything in my neighbors' apartments- their TV, their dog, them blowing… See More>
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                                                Resident 2013 - 2015


                                                Lived here for a little over 2 years. The staff are super friendly which I like. I have had several maintenance issues while living here that did eventually get resolved but it seemed like some took way too long and several "reminder" phone calls. In fairness to Trailside though, they cannot get enough quality maintenance staff hired and/or cannot get them to stay but I work in an industry where we have the same staffing problem so I am probably more understanding about this than others would be. Also, I hear this is the same problem at most complexes so with that said... CONS: The interior - junk. The cabinets are covered in some kind of white - I don't even know what - that they apparently "bake" on which basically peels off and it looks and feels terribly cheap not to mention ugly as is the color of the counter tops, carpet, and walls. The appliances are junk. The faucets are literally the cheapest crap I have EVER seen - ended up putting my own in the kitchen. Terribly tiny fridge - if you have a family you are feeding good luck having any room for groceries! The "town-home" side has… See More>
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                                                  Resident 2014 - 2015


                                                  Trailside is a wonderful place to live! Maintenance requests are responded to and completed promptly, maintenance staff is friendly and always accommodating. The front office staff is very personable. Beautiful pool and hot tub, gym, even a pool table and private theatre inside the clubhouse. Fireplaces, and washer and dryer's are in units. Friendly neighbors, recycling, a paved walkway connecting to the Cherry Creek Trail. No complaints here! What more could you ask for in apartment living?

                                                    Floor Plans & Pricing

                                                    1 Bedroom


                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 712 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,634 - $2,011

                                                    3 Available Units

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                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 812 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,679 - $1,999

                                                    3 Available Units

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                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 912 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,859 - $2,038

                                                    1 Available Unit

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                                                    Features & Amenities

                                                    • In-home Washer and Dryer
                                                    • Courtyard Walk Paths
                                                    • Garage
                                                    • On-site Permitted Resident Parking
                                                    • Oversized Parking Available
                                                    • Dogs Allowed
                                                      Deposit: $250. Fee: $300. Rent: $40. Restrictions: Breed Restrictions Apply. Pet Limit: 2
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                                                    • Cats Allowed
                                                      Deposit: $250. Fee: $300. Rent: $40. Restrictions: Max 2 Animals per Apartment. Pet Limit: 2
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                                                      More Info
                                                    • 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartment Homes
                                                    • 9' Ceilings with Crown Molding
                                                    • ADA Compliant Homes Available
                                                    • BBQ and Picnic Area
                                                    • Balcony or Patio
                                                    • Built-in Desks
                                                    • Business Center
                                                    • Ceiling Fans in Living Room
                                                    • Central Air Conditioning and Heating
                                                    • Chef's Kitchen with Prep Island Available
                                                    • Clubhouse with Wi-Fi
                                                    • Complimentary Updater Moving Concierge
                                                    • Convenient to Parker's Hot Spots
                                                    • Convenient to Restaurants and Shopping
                                                    • Direct Access to Cherry Creek Trail
                                                    • Dual Bathroom Vanity Available
                                                    • Easy Access to i-25 and e-470
                                                    • Fireplace
                                                    • Fitness Center
                                                    • Internet and Cable Service Ready
                                                    • Large Dual Pane Windows with Blinds
                                                    • Movie Theater Room
                                                    • On-Site Maintenance
                                                    • On-Site Management
                                                    • Online Payments Accepted
                                                    • Online Service Requests
                                                    • Pet-Friendly Community
                                                    • Plank Flooring
                                                    • Plush Carpet and Updated Flooring
                                                    • Pool
                                                    • RentPlus Helps Residents Build Credit
                                                    • Renter's Insurance Available
                                                    • Resident Activities and Events
                                                    • Security Deposit Options Available
                                                    • Short Term Lease Available
                                                    • Smart Apartment Features Available
                                                    • Spa
                                                    • Spa-like Bathroom with Spacious Soaking Tub Available
                                                    • Walk In Closets
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                                                    Trailside Apartments in Parker, CO Welcome to your new home at Trailside Apartments, just 23 miles from southeast Denver. Our community of apartments in Parker, CO offer the perfect blend of country living and city convenience from the comfort of your home. Residents enjoy the retreat-style experience they receive with community amenities like a swimming pool, resident clubhouse, and fitness center. Residents also love the pet-friendly environment that allows their four-legged friends to have enough space inside and outside of their place! Outside the community, residents have the luxury and convenience of living close to many shopping, dining, and entertainment options. You ll be minutes away from Costco and Wal-Mart, as well as 16th Street Mall. Your picks of entertainment include Celebrity Lanes Bowling Alley, Parker Arts and Cultures, and Events Center, and the Colorado Ballet. Nearby restaurants like Casa Mariachi, India s Kitchen, Pho Vy Parker, Las Delicias, Caf Monet, Indochine, and Opa Grill provide you a variety of options should you want to step outside to eat. Discover the neighborhood and all it has to offer when you make these apartments for rent in Parker, CO yours! The professional staff at Trailside would enjoy giving you a personalized tour of your potential home at your convenience. --Trailside Is Your Home.
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                                                    Office Hours

                                                    • Sunday: Closed
                                                    • Monday - Friday: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
                                                    • Saturday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
                                                    This community is managed by

                                                    Wasatch Property Management


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                                                    Based on 129 number of votes by renters, Trailside is currently rated 3.1 out of 5 stars.
                                                    Trailside is rated 4/5 stars in our renters grounds survey, which is considered good. The grounds are generally well maintained and attractive.
                                                    Trailside is rated 1/5 stars in our renters maintenance survey, which is considered poor. The maintenance team is unresponsive and ineffective in addressing issues.
                                                    Trailside is rated 4/5 stars in our renters noise survey, which is considered good. The noise level is generally tolerable, with occasional disruptions.
                                                    Trailside is rated 3/5 stars in our renters safety survey, which is considered below average. The complex has significant safety concerns that need immediate attention.
                                                    Trailside is rated 4/5 stars in our renters neighborhood survey, which is considered good. The complex is located in a generally safe and desirable neighborhood with good access to local attractions and services.
                                                    Trailside is rated 1/5 stars in our renters staff survey, which is considered poor. The staff is unresponsive and unhelpful, making it difficult to live in the complex.
                                                    Wasatch Property Management
                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Deposit: $250
                                                    Fee: $300
                                                    Rent: $40
                                                    Restrictions: Breed Restrictions Apply
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    Deposit: $250
                                                    Fee: $300
                                                    Rent: $40
                                                    Restrictions: Max 2 Animals per Apartment
                                                    Pet Limit: 2
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths
                                                    3 Beds, 2 Baths

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                                                    June 2024





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                                                    Trailside is a 712 - 1,431 sq. ft. apartment in Parker in zip code 80134. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,634 - $3,048. Nearby cities include Parker, Lone Tree, Castle Pines, Centennial, and Greenwood Village.

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