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Red Hawk Ranch

12150 Washington Center Parkway

Thornton, CO 80241



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lintzcr • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
Just to update this from the other day. We informed the apartment complex over 2 days ago that two of our three smoke detectors weren't working. They still haven't been by to fix them. We also informed them that we needed some more insulation in our door jam because we actually get a breeze coming through our door (increasing our heating bill) and that we needed the carpet fixed between our kitchen and living room. Well, we'll see if this takes three months to fix too. Not only is it illegal for them to not fix a smoke detector as soon as you inform them, it is unsafe. We tried replacing the batteries, but it still beeps. Did I mention that we have a 1 year old??????!!!!! As beautiful as this place is, don't ever live here. I've heard of government subsidized housing that has better maintance than this place.<br><br><br>We've lived here since April 2006. Our handle broke on our sliding glass door in April and it took them 3 months to get it fixed. It was a metal handle with sharp edges when it broke and we have a 1 year old that could've cut himself on it. Every time we've had trouble with something it takes them entirely way too long to fix it. We were also lied to by the sales person when we were buying the apartment. She told us that the apartment was very well insulated and when we asked about the floors and being able to hear neighbors she informed us that there was 2-3 layers of concrete between the floors of the apartments and assured us we would not hear the neighbors upstairs. Every step that the neighbors upstairs take, we can hear. If their kids are running or playing upstairs it sounds like they are going to come through our ceiling. The lighting fixtures shake and everything on our shelves moves when they move upstairs.
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Red Hawk Ranch

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