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Timber Ridge Village Apartments



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
My wife and I are young professionals in the valley and moved to Timber Ridge because it was the only thing available in our price range. Though I've heard some shady stuff about the place, our initial reaction was positive. It was a decent, two bedroom which was recently redone. Then once everybody else moved in, we really started to see how classy it was. First snowfall came and they did close to nothing to clear out the snow. It wasn't until a girl broke her ankle that they were required to chip all of the ice out. There was literally 12 inches of ice, with potholes the size of Texas, destroying our vehicles' suspension. Then they decided to only allow one vehicle per unit to park there, offering the only alternative to park 8 miles away in Eagle-Vail for $100/ month. How other people get to work in the morning, I wonder. Having to drive so much for both jobs caused quite an inconvenience for us, let alone the other families living there. Also, my car was broken into, along with several others. Management is very care-free and one was kind of on a power trip. Dog poop overflows in the dog poop trash can. Ice forms on the sidewalks because there aren't gutters and they don't clear the roof of snow. You can never pick up your packages because they are never in the office and when making arrangements to pick up packages they forget to meet you. Etc, etc, etc.......
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Timber Ridge Village Apartments Manager


Thank you for taking the time to submit a review of Timber Ridge Village Apartments! We always look forward to feedback from our valued residents. We believe that it can be used as a great learning tool to help provide a better living experience within our community. It has been a difficult year for housing and parking in the Vail Valley due to the redevelopment of Timber Ridge, and has definitely caused a variety of issues that will be remedied with the anticipated completion in 2015. While we were able to find solutions for all of the issues that presented themselves, unfortunately some solutions could not be as convenient as we would have like i.e.: the parking issue. To date, we have not been made aware of any injury occurring in the parking lot. Is it possible that this injury occurred on another property? The safety of our residents, visitors, and staff is most important to us, and is taken very seriously. As always, please contact us with any concerns at (970) 476-6759 24/7. Sincerely, David Leiby Property Manager Timber Ridge Village 970-476-6759

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Timber Ridge Village Apartments

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