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Sofi Westminster

10305 Dover St

Westminster, CO 80021



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goforitdude • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
I have been living at this place for almost 3 years now. My first year there I had my car broken into and an AMP stolen. The thieves hit quite a few cars that night. A few more car break ins have happened over the years but luckly not to my ride again. <br>What really bothers me about this place is the way they disrepect the residents privacy and sense of security! Basically, when I went to renew my lease I requested the free carpet cleaning and so they scheduled a day for when my carpet would be cleaned and then a day earlier someone didn't even knock and just opened my door!! Turns out they give the carpet cleaners keys to go clean tenants apts!! I was not expecting this since I was just expecting to let the cleaner in. They never said anything about weather I would be home or giving my apt key out!! When I called the office they acted like my rant about giving keys out to the cleaners was unwarranted! Ridiculous! <br><br>Well, that was 1 year ago to this date and guess what! I was sleeping the other day and got a knock on my door and didn't answer because I wasn't expecting anyone. Well, turns out it was another carpet cleaner and he proceeded to open my door with the key the office gave him and mistakenly said they told him to clean my apartment when he was actually supposed to be cleaning a vacant apt as I had not scheduled any carpet cleaning this time!! I called the office extremely upset and he told me they got the wrong apt and that the key the cleaner had shouldn't of even worked on my door!!! This is outrageous they do this and I will NOT Be renewing my lease after these VERY unpleasant experiences! <br><br>I've been renting through Equity for 8 years now at 3 seperate buildings and will make sure my next apt is not owned by Equity. Corporate Equity acts like they aren't responsible for what their individual properties do. When you contact them about policies regarding tentants keys and such they just refer you back to your apartement bldings management! <br><br>I did like a few things about this apartment though. I really like this location and the price is good also. Other than that I can't stand the thought of people having keys to my apartment! Would you?
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Sofi Westminster

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