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Arvada Station



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Christina_C949 • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/14/2017
I moved here in September and have loved everything about it until today. The girls are always super sweet and efficient. The lobby is gorgeous and always clean with a pool and hot tub to write home about. When I moved in, there were (and still are) paint stains all over the carpet. I am not ---- but am a little annoyed given the price tag I'm paying to live here.... Up until today, everything was great. Last night, I got home from work at 6 pm to find my mailbox WIDE open. Alarmed to see only one bill when I often get the previous tenants flyers, coupons and catalogs.....I know I locked the mailbox but figured maybe the post man left it open? When I got to my apartment, the door was not only unlocked but ajar. The door, like my mailbox, was open. Every morning I ensure my door is locked. Yesterday morning was no different. The only person who would have keys to both would be the previous resident. When I brought this up, I was told they "change the locks when there are new residences". I spoke to a couple of people that work in this industry and both said they are most likely lying as this is not standard practice for rentals. I digress. I asked if maintenance was doing work on my property and they told me that was not the case. I demanded a new lock and they asked if someone had broken in forcibly. There was no sign of this so they told me i am obliged to pay for a new lock for both my apartment AND mailbox. When a complex claims to be luxury, they are held to a higher standard. The amount I am paying should more than cover 50 lock changes. The fact that my security is at risk and they could care less and would pass this cost on to me is disgusting. There is nothing luxury about how I have been treated. I spent the night awake worried someone was going to just walk into my place and to wake up and be told I am responsible to buy a new lock is disheartening. The fact that they are looking to make a profit off my security leaves a bad taste in my mouth which motivated me to share with others.
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Arvada Station

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