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Newgate Apartment Homes

10400 W 44th Ave

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033



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dubstep2012 • Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/09/2014
I lived here from 2010 to 2012, the maintenance was ok and the office was ok, the problem was the tenants, many would be fighting, gossiping or arguing frequently and would bother us & also would try get the other residents involved in their petty fights, they would try to also get me involved in their rants and tantrums. There was a person in my building that had told me she was a witch, that often did spells. The energy in my building was absolutely horrible. i got ill often and so did my pet. two other ladies that lived in the building just a short ways down from me fought with me and with my boyfriend who lived in their building constantly. He finally gave up & moved out, all the while though, that he did live there, they tried to start fights between us and they tried to get us to fight & argue with each other. They were jealous older single women and they wanted us to break up. The one lady was finally evicted shortly after I moved out. The lady who lived in the basement level apt below us killed herself just before we moved in there, while we did live there just before we moved out, one of our maintenance men also killed himself, he was a young man with a lot to live for, he just couldn't take it there any more. It gives you a idea of the energy that place has in it. a young girl also was found killed in the creek / trail area just right behind the complex. they never found her killer to this date. it has a lot of bad vibes and energy to it all. i understand there is a lot of drug and alcohol use also there. its really a shame to say the least. Cynthia is a good lady and the maintenance was always kind to us. They really need to get rid of a lot of people and clean this place up, or there wont be any people who want to rent there. It just had really got bad before we moved. I pray for the manager and the owners to clean this place up. Its such a nice place, its really too bad. the other thing is that you can hear your neighbors thru the wall, if they are above you or below you or next door to you, you hear everything. There is no such thing as privacy, we heard the young couple below us constantly, and the lady above us was very loud and walked very heavy on her floor. We heard every footstep. We also heard her pee every time she went to her bathroom, the floors are that thin or poorly laid out which ever it is. if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful apt, you wont find it here. i have frequent health issues, and i have to be where its quiet, so this was a major problem. when my roommate and I first moved in we just couldn't believe how loud it really was bc of the lady above us mostly. when the people below us smoked, it wafted up thru the floor boards and we had to smell it, which we really hated. there were two cars that got burned down when we lived there, we understand they never found out who. there were also creepy, sickening supernatural events. there's just something very wrong with that place. Be forewarned, its not a safe or happy or peaceful place to live in the least. if you are ill or going thru a lot of stress, don't come here at all, the energy & the people will make you sicker and more miserable. I am sorry to have to tell you all of this, but it's all very true. I finally had to leave and i really loved my little apt and the trail behind us and also the laundry room and swimming pool. We thought it was really a treat and a nice place to live at first, after we were there a little time we found out different and were very desperate to get out and get a apt any where else at all. We were also attacked by demonic entities in our sleep. books moved by themselves, horrific demonic nightmares etc. it just wouldn't let up, as much as we had enjoyed our little home, we had to move, to recover our health and sanity. To date we have been gone from Newgate for 3 years now, and at our new apt's we have no problems at all with supernatural occurrences or with any of neighbors. It's been very peaceful and quiet here. Most of the resident's are older people. At our other apt before Newgate we had no problems there either. It was just at Newgate. I really feel very sorry for Cynthia, she has to deal with all of the people there and that energy too. The other manager was a kind lady also, she couldn't deal with the people and quit, her name was Yvette. She had told me many times that she wanted to quit that job and leave and she did. Carrie was a good manager also, she was always very helpful to me and my roommate, she also left, it looks like the manager's here leave often and get tired of dealing with the people, i don't blame them at all, many of the tenants here are just horrible people to live next to or to deal with at all. Overall, i think this place has just to many problems with the current tenants & demonic entities for any one to consider renting here, i hate to sound weird or anything, buts its true, there are places with really bad energy or vibes what ever you want to call it. If you come here at night you can really feel it. It feels like some strange anxiety filled energy is there. It just made me feel really sick to my stomach a lot when i lived there. Look around here before you rent, and make sure this is the kind of place you want to live. Its haunted here not in a silly or cute way either, its demonic. My friend told me there has been quite a few deaths & murders at Newgate also. Use a lot of caution if you decide you want to rent here. Its not a good, stable place to really live. The neighbors here will always cause you problems.
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Newgate Apartment Homes

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