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Newgate Apartment Homes

10400 W 44th Ave

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033



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NewgateSux • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/13/2013
The reason for me writing this email is to give you a formal complaint against your evening-time manager. Let me give you the whole run-down on what happened last evening. At around 10pm on 3.12.13 somebody was trying to enter my apartment. When I went to investigate, I find a completely drunk female standing outside my door. She tells me she lives next door to me, and I let her know that this was not where she belonged. An older female from the parking lot yelled "Oh she doesn't belong there? I'll come get her!", so I shut the door and let them go. I decided to keep my eyes on them outside as I saw the drunk female had car keys in her hand. About 5 minutes later I see the drunk female had gotten away from the other female helping her. She was running through the back yard toward the front of the building. I go outside to make sure she isn't getting into a car, and I find her knocked out on the sidewalk. I assume that she had hit her head, and I called 911. I stay with her for about 5 minutes trying to wake her up, but not moving her since I'm not a paramedic. The older female had caught up by this time and was thankful (at that time) for me helping. She informed me that she had gotten security. The few minutes later your evening lady manager cam over to us. Told me she Knew who she was, and She'd take care of it. I Told her no, and that i had called paramedics to come check on her. Your evening manager told me to get out of this business girls, and who am I to be in charge of this situation, and tells me to leave. At this time, she is trying to pick up the girl, grabbing her things and trying to walk away. Also at this time the older lady who was helping her, her husband attempted to attack me for "trying to get a girl in trouble when she was just trying to have a good time." I chose to ignore this cheap trailer trash attitude, and did not inform the police of his ignorant behavior. As I waiting on Paramedics and Police to arrive, I kept my distance. Only once did I walk up to the ladies to try and explain that I was not trying to cause problems, I just wanted to get the girl help. The evening manager lady was asking me, "Don't you know who this girls Mother is?", and I just walked away again. Police arrived, I gave my statement. I did inform them as well about your managers unwillingness to help, and causing more issues. (maybe this isn't the first time paramedics/police have been called, and the situation has vanished by the time they arrive) As far as I'm concerned, this lady does not deserve the position that you have given her. If a manager of an apartment complex is under the impression that calling for help is really an act to get somebody in trouble, she in fact is a source of great concern. If i was knocked out on a sidewalk, I would expect my neighbors/apartment employees to call for help. Not ignore the situation. I feel that she is a threat to the well being of your renters. I can also guarantee that with the attitude she gave me last night, she won't ever be willing to help me in any way, nor would I ever want it. I'm just appalled at this behavior.
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Newgate Apartment Homes

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