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Terra Village Apartments



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tenant795 • Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/18/2016
Ramshackle facilities, unhelpful and inept staff, long (6+ weeks) repair turnaround, new rules and evict-able offenses announced every few weeks, and a water main that ruptures every month or so. Living here is like living in a police state. Every few weeks I get a new notice taped to my door with some new policy the management concocted. Last week it was "If you let your pet outside without a leash, or let your pet poop without cleaning it up, you'll be evicted". I don't have any pets. Before that, it was a notice that said "If you have anything on your balcony besides patio furniture and a grill, we'll fine you $250 and evict you if we feel like it". Before that, it was "If you leave your vehicle in the parking lot for more than 2-3 days without moving it, we'll tow it and maybe evict you". They have hired a company to patrol the parking lot with a car covered in cameras to take pictures of every car, its license plate, and where it's parked - to make sure you're moving it regularly. The Terra Village complex was recently bought by a large property investment company, and since they took over they have made it clear that they are interested only in profit and have no interest in making tenants happy. They fired the helpful old office staff and hired new folks that act like helping tenants is an inconvenience, instead of their job. Last December they changed how they calculated utilities. My utility bill went from $34-$45 per month to $67 per month, and they shut down the old rent payment site without adequately notifying tenants. As a result, my monthly payment for one month was $5 short. They charged me $50 for my oversight, and if I had waited more than three days to respond (if I was out of town, for example), they would've added an additional $225 and, yes, the threat of eviction. For a guy who really tries to follow the rules, I sure am threatened with eviction a lot. Maintenance is also lousy. The maintenance guys are friendly and competent but overworked and overmanaged. A pipe broke in the apartment above mine on my first night after moving in. The maintenance guys cut a large hole in my ceiling that went unpatched for over a month. Some metal carpet trim fell apart a few months ago, and again it took several weeks of walking on painters tape before they replaced it with thick ugly trim that doesn't match the rest of the apartment. The dishwasher that was in the unit when I moved in was garbage, so they replaced it with the cheapest one they could find. The new dishwasher leaves about 20% of my dishes dirty after each load, so that they often have to go through twice unless I hand-wash them. The dishwasher is also connected to my sink drain, so if I wash dishes by hand the DW fills up with dishwater, which grows bacteria and stinks up the apartment. The hot water pipe for my set of buildings bursts every month or two. I can hear my neighbors clearly - their conversations, their coughing as they brush their teeth, their TV shows. This is odd, since the building I live in is constructed out of concrete t-beams which should muffle sound. My neighbors also share their roaches with me - though I keep a clean apartment, I find one or two every week crawling out of the walls. A short time ago I noticed a few local kids playing ball in the commons area outside my window. I appreciate this, as it lends a sense of community to the place. The next week, the area had a big red sign placed by the fun police: "No ball playing allowed". I assume violations are cause for eviction. It's not all bad. The landscaping is nice. There are two pools, which I have not used but which look nice. My one bedroom apartment has a storage room off of the closet, which is handy. And it's a decent neighborhood, with only one person murdered in the last 12 months according to Denver Police. But despite trying to keep my head down and do all the right things, I have had to deal with management almost once a month for the last several months, and it's always been a bad experience. All in all, I've gotta say without any exaggeration that I enjoy living here less than I've liked any other place I've ever lived. And I lived in a bullet-riddled storage container in Afghanistan for ten months. I hope that management can step up their customer service game, because they have ruined my experience living here.
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Terra Village Apartments

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