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Terra Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2016
I am a current renter and have lived here for two years. Okay, let me get started. First, a new management group is running the place now. The old management was garbage. They constantly argued with me about stupid details and refused to find the emails I sent them until I came to the office and practically had to shout at them before they magically found what I had sent them, TWICE. The new management seems indifferent and cold. Very corporate. I'm not impressed. Next maintenance. The refrigerator in my unit has been broken and will not close since I moved in. I have had them come to fix it multiple times. Never fixed it. Often, if something is broken it can take weeks for them to arrive if they ever do at all. An example of incompetence: The dishwasher was not properly bolted down when we moved in causing a glass to break in the machine resulting in a dishwasher that makes awful noises and never fully cleans the dishes. Do you have a large wasp nest right outside your window? Guess you just get to live with ----- bugs next to where you sleep because they have never removed it after several requests. The thermostat for my unit is junk. It doesn't measure the temperature and often works in reverse (Turn temp to hot to get AC and vice versa for heater.) According to management, "That's normal." Next water. We have lost hot and/or cold water in our building many, many times in the two years we have lived here. We used to have a trash dumpster pretty near to my unit. Guess they thought I needed to get some exercise. New dumpster almost a block away. I noticed some discoloration in the wallpaper and ceiling in the master bedroom during and after a rainstorm. The walls and ceiling probably contain lead and asbestos. Management claims they fixed the leak. Nothing has ever been done to repair the wall or ceiling. Today a new AC system is being installed. Guess who didn't notify me they were coming? I could go on! Please do yourself a favor, live somewhere else. Terra Village is trash.
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Terra Village Apartments

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