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Terra Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2017
DO NOT RENT HERE!! A new company recently purchased Terra Village and THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR THE PROPERTY!! NO LONGER MUCH NEEDED PROTROLLING SECURITY. NOISE KIDS ALWAYS RUNNING ALL OVER THE PROPERTY SCREAMING AND YELLING DAY AND NIGHT. IMPOSSIBLE TO DO LAUNDRY IN THE EVENING TEENAGERS TAKE IT OVER ( SOME SHUTTING THEIR DOGS IN WITH THEM) EVERYDAY AFTER SCHOOL MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO DO LAUNDRY. IN THE EVENING . THE HEAVY LOCKING GLASS DOOR TO LAUNDRY BROKE OFF COMPLETELY 3 DAYS AGO AND NOW JUST STANDS SIDEWAYS IN THE DOORWAY. UNAFFORDABLE ELECTRIC BILL!! They pulled major TRICKERY ON US TENANTS!! Early Spring we received notice we were getting a surprise upgraded heating/cooling take 3 months. DRIVE BY AND SEE THE MONSTROSITY!! You'll see the dozens of huge white outdoor floor fans, one for each apt, and the ridiculous amounts of hoses running up the buildings. AND they run ONLY BY THE ONE AND ONLY SINGLE REMOTE IT COMES WITH. Yes, a remote. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND NO BATTERIES OR YOUR KID THROWS IT IN THE TOILET???? Our power $BILL$ went from around $40 to $397!!!! WHAT?? Now, they are back peddling offering a rent credit depending on size, $75 for does that help?? TRASH it also has apparently become perfectly acceptable to dump trash on the ground next to and not actually into the dumpsters. AWFUL!! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY MOVE IN SPECIALS OR DEALS!!! Sad because Edgewater is beautiful.
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Terra Village Apartments

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