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Terra Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Andi_C • Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/28/2018
Listen to the reviews! Do NOT move here! The place is disgusting! No one cleans up after their dog and there is trash everywhere! People dumpster dive at least once a week so don't throw away any documents with sensitive information on them. The kids are a nightmare. They are SO LOUD and they will sit on your patio/balcony and when you tell them to get off they will throw things at your windows to try to break them. Multiple windows in the complex have been broken because of them and yet the office say "it's just kids being kids." The kids will also lock the small laundry room doors and climb out the window while other people are doing their laundry just to mess with them. My heater was leaking for over two weeks before maintenance finally showed up (had to harass office multiple times.) The water from the baseboard heater caused mold to grow in the carpet and my mattress. They lost my cashier's check for rent multiple times and tried to charge late fees. The walls are paper thin. They over water the "grass" in the summer so it's always muddy. The crab apple trees are disgusting, stick to your shoes, and stink when they decompose. We got bed bugs from the neighbors when they decided to replace all the toilets in the building on the same day. You will never see the actual manager if you have a complaint, she's like the damn wizard of Oz. The leasing agents are all pretty rude and seem like they hate their jobs, except Jose. Also when your lease is over you automatically go month to month but they don't tell you there is a $200 month to month free and you have to give your 30 day notice before the first or you're stuck for basically another two months. Over all horrible experience! Just pay the extra rent and go somewhere else. Everyone is miserable here!
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Terra Village Apartments

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