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The Summit and Birch Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/10/2015
I have lived in several apartments, in different states, and even in another country. And I will say this apartment complex is the most poorly run. I would not recommend you moving to this apartment. To start, when we first inquired about the apartment, we were told that we would be granted a few hundred dollars towards our security deposit seeing that my husband is a United States Marine Corp Veteran serving in two wars. They stated that we would be granted this from a Hometown Hero fund/program. Upon signing the lease, they let us know he was not eligible because we were only committing to a 3 month lease. Which by the way, they knew from the 1st day I inquired. We were able to move past this small mix up, only to find out later on that the lease discloses lead based paint in the apartment and indicated the specific areas as the dining room and living room as the only areas containing the lead based paint. After painters painted the deck and tracked paint and paint chips throughout my home, I inquired about the presence of lead paint only to find out that the disclosure in the lease was inaccurate and that lead paint is not limited to the dining and kitchen as stated in the lease, but throughout the house. I attempted to reach out to the property manager numerous times throughout my stay, only to find my emails and phone calls ignored on numerous occasions, not just for this issue, but for other issues as well. When she finally responded to my email, she was completely inconsiderate and incompassionate towards the fact that my son was living in this apartment with chipped wood.paint and lead paint throughout. Not once in her email communications did she ask if my son was alright or show any compassion. I would stay clear of this property. Especially if you have young children, it not worth the risk or hassle. There are plenty of other beautiful properties in the area with management that is responsive and compassionate.
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The Summit and Birch Hill Apartments

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