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The Summit and Birch Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/25/2011
While i have enjoyed living in the apartments there are definitely positives and negatives to this property. Positives: Clean complex Carport Dishwasher Heat/Hot water included Storage space Great sized rooms (living room/ bedroom) Negatives: EXTREMELY creaky floors (can hear whenever the person above you is walking around) Very old drafty windows that DONT lock properly (which is kind of scary being on the ground level in the back) Quality of bathroom/Kitchen extremely cheap! (which is fine but the rent is almost equivalent to a mortgage payment) Air conditioner in living room only. The bedrooms are easily 85-90 degrees at night in the summer. The grounds are not very well lit at night The rental company requires a minimum of 50,000 in insurance coverage, which is understandable but that amount is a little excessive. But the biggest reason by far why we will not be renewing our lease is every time you seem to resign your lease the amount goes up significantly. Seems like every time we are have to commit to another year its another $50-60 a month! The hallways and main doors look like hell (peeling pain, scuff marks, water damage in hallways) But i will say there is ample parking, the maintenance staff is friendly. I didn't move here expecting The Ritz but for what you pay they could stand to do a little upgrading, the cabinets are extremely cheap, appliances are from the 80's and stained countertops. One thing we realized when moving in is there is ONE cable hookup in the living room and the other bedroom(s) do not have cable hookup so you have to get creative and run cords through walls and under carpets (Comcast refused to do that, thank god my boyfriend is an electrician and handy). Your def not paying for the quality of the apartments but rather to live in Farmington.
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The Summit and Birch Hill Apartments

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