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The Summit and Birch Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
gradschool88 • Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
Apartments are vanilla, nothing special, but the view over the Farmington River Valley is BEAUTIFUL. Overall have been very disappointed with the apartment here, although the maintenance guys are the best and really work hard to keep the upkeep going. Buildings are dated, everything on the inside of my apartment has fallen apart; the rug is disgusting (I steam clean it once a month), the walls are paper thin, the outside decks buckle under any weight, the windows are single pane and don't keep any heat in, the heat only goes to 72 and then stops (hence the free heat pitch they throw at you to entice you), kitchen counters are cheap and warped, cabinets are falling from the ceiling, bathroom vanity is chipped, my whole shower rotted and the maintenance guy had to completely redo it, love that this is a dog friendly community but no one picks up after their pets and its disgusting, some apartments have so much garbage and random stuff outside it looks like a redneck community in places, other people have 6-8 people living in their apartments and its ridiculous, especially when their kids are outside all hours of the day/night screaming/crying/playing when this is supposed to be a quiet community. I have no problem with kids, but the parents here at outrageous. DO NOT LIVE HERE. Once you're here they raise your rent around $100 per year as a reward for staying with them....completely counterintuitive. The front office staff is unprofessional to the maximum, one of the girls has a sticker on her car that says "such a nice day please don't F*** it up!" and that is the first impression you are supposed to get? This place is a trash heap with no hope in sight, prices are already outrageous, live anywhere but here.
The Summit and Birch Hill Apartments Manager06/28/2012

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. The team and I at The Summit and Birch Hill do take the time to read every review, and use the information to grow, make changes, and improve our community for everyone. As for your concern about pricing, we do adjust rates to best reflect the current market value for the types of apartments available. These rates can fluctuate daily, and we do our best to communicate rate changes to residents during the renewal process. Regarding the fixtures in your apartment: I will speak with my staff about the items you've mentioned, and get to work on a solution. I would be more than happy to speak with you about any of your concerns; we certainly want you to be comfortable in your apartment. I can be reached in the office, or at [email protected] or at (860) 677-2763.

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The Summit and Birch Hill Apartments

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