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The Summit and Birch Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2009
The management at this apartment complex is horrible. I had a problem with one of my bills, so I went into the main office and asked if I could dispute the problem. The secretary told me that she had no control over the problem, and that it is their "accountant" that I would need to speak with. I kindly asked for the phone number of this accountant, her response was that they only exchange emails with this individual. I then asked for the email, and she said that she does not have it (I am not making this up!!!). Please run from this place and never look back if you are thinking about renting from here. As for the physical apartment, it is really not bad, but again you will need to determine if this outweighs issues I discussed above. One great aspect to the apartment is that parking is great, and it really is a safe place. Many people have discussed negatives associated with snow removal, and I haven't really seen that problem too much. The actual apartments are very thin-walled and the windows are horrendous in regard to drafts, but you don't pay for heat, so just crank it up to 90 and open the windows when it gets too hot).
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The Summit and Birch Hill Apartments

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