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Clocktower and Velvet Mill



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Office Staff
chmeeee • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/30/2005
I looked at this site when I was searching for apartments (January '05) and got worried based on all the bad reviews. I then started looking around and realized that most all apartment complexes seem to have bad reviews, so I figured what the heck, I'll take a chance. If it sucks, I can always move in a year.<br><br>So far its been 6 months and everything has been great for me. I have a semi-corner unit so I only share one wall with a neighbor. Lucky for me they are fairly quiet. I will say that the walls are fairly thin, but no better or worse than ANY other complex that I have ever been to.<br><br>I have had two maintenance requests so far, one for a broken AC (first time I tried to use it for the summer), and leaking water heater. Both times they were fixed within 24 hours of the call, with no inconvinience for me. The office staff is really nice, they all go out of their way to say hi whenever I see them (don't know about complaints of rude office staff). <br><br>I will agree that the excercise room is only so-so. The rowing machine is broken, as is one of the two bikes. The room is air-conditioned though and there is full cable TV, and its never busy. The pool has been fine for me, but I don't swim much.<br><br>It seems from my experience that the building to live in is Velvet. You get the benefit of the parking garage, which is not available at Clocktower. I have NEVER seen the garage full, even coming back at 1 AM. The building is usually quiet, I have experienced no security issues. I would worry about parking my car outside, but with the garage its not an issue.<br><br>Two issues brought up by others about the parking are valid. First of all, it can be inconvienient depending on where in the building your apartment is. The building takes up most of a block, and the parking is across the street. Therefore if you are on the far side of the building, it can be a hike. There is nothing they can do about this though, because all of the land around here is already developed. Either way, you should be able to see whether or not this is going to be a problem before you move in. Second, visitor parking. There are four spaces for each of the two buildings. Thats about eight spaces for 400 apartments. Yeah. Luckily if you live alone they give you two parking passes, so you can hang one in a visitor's car.<br><br>One final issue brought up is utilities. I haven't experienced winter yet, and I imagine they might be higher given the huge windows, but my summer electric bills ran about $60/month with the air conditioner running probably 15 days of the month. Given that that the air conditioning unit also runs the heat, I shouldn't think that the electric bill will run over $150/month for the colder months. We'll see.<br><br>Final word: This place isn't as bad as so many people would have you think.
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Clocktower and Velvet Mill

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