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Britannia Commons Condominiums



Resident · 2004 - 2007
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Office Staff
I live in another building owned by the same people. Those of you living in Britannia, REJOICE! You live in the Taj Mahal compared to 511 Main in West Haven. There is garbage, literally trash-not just papers, left in hallways, empty beer cans, broken glass, etc. One time somebody vomitted all over the steps and it remained until Mother Nature took care of it. There is still a stain. Another time, somebody lit the old carpet on fire in a hallway. The fire burned strongly enough that it cinged the wall pretty good. The scary thing about that was that no alarms sounded! People woke up in the morning to see the remnants from the fire. The wall remained cinged and blackened for months. The building is supposed to have a buzzer, which the management touts to all prospective renters. However it is broken and has never worked the whole time I have lived there. When I went to view the apartment, they cleverly had the doors propped open so I wouldnt know it was broke. Last month, a dryer set off an alarm and when the fire department arrived they had to wait outside for a tenant to open the door. This goes for police also, as they are called here frequently. One of the glass doors has a bullet hole in it-no lie. Also watch out if there are any repairs to made, especially if you own a pet. They give you less than 2 days notice and sometimes when they say to have all animals locked up, they dont even show! We had the doors painted a few months ago and every tenant found out the day before as we all had a note slid under our door after a work day. The building manager, Jennifer, has the biggest attitude problem I have ever seen. She is condescending and unethical. If you do have any problems, your bestbet is to fix them yourself because they do not help you. I was told by another tenant whose fridge wasnt working properly that she was told in order for them to repair it, she'd need to show proof of spoiled food. I dont know what the final outcome was. They will rent to anybody, even questionable characters who put other tenants safety at risk. One tenant was threatened and HE MOVED, the one who did the threatening wasnt removed. Not too mention, if one of your neighbors sneezes, you WILL HEAR IT. I know everything about everybody around me, not by choice. There have been times that I have actually changed my television to what the people who live above were watching because the sound interference was just too great. Oh yeah, watch out reagrding the on site laundry...there are 3 washers and 2 dryers all models from at least the early 70's. It takes on average 2.5 hours to dry a medium load. I did laundry there once. It cost me 12.75 for 2 loads washed and one dried, plus it took over 3.5 hours. Insane living conditons. I sometimes think a shelter would be better, at the very least safer. THIS BUILDING IS HORRIBLE. If you can help it, dont rent from here. For what you end up paying, you can buy a cheap condo. For $200 less than what they charge, you can rent half of house on Washington Ave, right around the corner. Thats where I am going in November, when my lease is up.
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Britannia Commons Condominiums

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