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Britannia Commons Condominiums



Resident · 2006 - 2008
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Office Staff
Myself and the 3 tenant I have talked to have all had an awful time with Jen web as the manager here are some points to remember. - even though the apartment management says it has free heat and hot water, the water is actually heated by electricity so you electric bill will go up the more hot water you use. - smoking is allowed in the apartment but if jen has ever smelled smoke in the apartment she will (even if it's not present during move out) she will tell you she has to replace the entire carpet and charge you for it. - If any of the parking areas is being clean but you can't move the car (for any reason whether or not you are handicapped) your car will be towed or you will be told to pay rent on the parking spot your not moving from. remember parking is suppose to be free! - If you have a parking spot on one side of the building but your apartment is on the complete other you will be told that they are not accepting anymore aplications at that time, even though you are told you can always change your space when you sign up. One of my many personal experiences was that I asked fo someone to fix my lights in the bedroom (this was done while I was at work) when I came home my toilet was running and my scale was steped on and broken. When I told Jen what happened she said that it was imposible because no one used my bathroom. I live alone with the only set of keys and when my toilet was used it would run for 40 min, so she lied and never fixed my scale.
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Britannia Commons Condominiums

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