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Britannia Commons Condominiums



Resident · 2006
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Office Staff
Very disappointed. I am very upset to see such a beautiful building fall into such disrepair. Since moving in several years ago there have been four managers and two owners. It was a security building when we moved in and now it is just “controlled access” Not sure what that means with the doors constantly being propped open. When northland took over, I had great hope. However, that has been destroyed. All the promises that are made yearly by management never come to fruition. The constant false fire alarms, people’s cars being broken into. People tagging the walls and destroying various parts of the building. Is very discouraging. Not to mention all the drug paraphernalia that can now be found on the grounds. The current manager is ok; you’re golden if she likes you and damned if she does not. This beautiful old building is falling apart and no one seems to want to do anything but collect more money. The new leases have multiple surcharges attached to them. I guess the building cost more to run than they had expected. Well I know where they could save some money. First screen tenants more closely. Lowers repair bills. Second get the heat fixed. It’s a little much that when you go onto the third floor hallway one side the air conditioner is running and in another section the heat is going full bore, it feels like it must be a hundred degrees, with the cost of heating fuel this is such a huge waste of money. It seems as long as management gets its money it really does not care about anything else.
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Britannia Commons Condominiums

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