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Hunters Crossing



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2007
Me and my husband have lived at Hunters Crossing for over a year and have had many unpleasent experiances. I'm not going to say it was the worst place I have ever lived but it's definatley far from perfect.<br><br> The biggest problem with this place is the management. The Property Manager is rude and mean. If you live here, I would suggest putting your rent in the rent drop off box to minimize encounters with her. <br><br>Not to be unfair but another major reason we moved was because of an individual that resides there. He's not mean or anything, he is just very wierd. He walks around all day in shorts that should be illegal for males to wear and with no shirt on. If you ever talk to him he seems like a total drug addict and space cadet. He's always around and it's hard to avoid him.<br><br>Lastly the apartments are not well constructed. Our neighbor below us smoked and therefore our entire apartment always smelled like we just smoked 10 packs of ciggarettes. You can here everything your neighbor is doing as well. We had to call maintenance alot for various things that busted. However the maintenance staff was very friendly.<br><br>I would also highly suggest you read your lease from front to back before signing it. There are many stipulations in it and I wish we had a lawyer read it before signing it.<br><br>Some other minor flaws: dumpsters don't get emptied enough, plowing/shoveling takes forever if you live in the back buildings,if you live above the first floor moving furniture is a nightmare, hallways are dimly lit and arent the cleanest, laundry room is first come first served plus in the summer it's a sauna in there, if the money machine eats your $20 on the laundry card your pretty much screwed out of 20 bucks.<br><br>It's only real advantages is that it is dog friendly, it has a pretty big pool, and it's not overly expensive.
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Hunters Crossing

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