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Madison Northwoods



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2002
I´ve lived two different apartments here over the last 3 years and I love it. As for these complaints about the snow, the whole place is on a hill, the managment does a TON to keep the snow clear. They park a Bobcat (small bulldozer) outside the whole winter. Anytime it snows, there are no less than 3-4 plows contantly going around. It´s SNOW and ICE- as in winter people! If you want no SNOW or ICE, move to Florida! DUh! <br> <br>As for pets, it´s great. Almost everyone is responsible to clean up after their pets. As for the question of big dogs, why would you want to keep BIG dogs in an apartment? They really need to have a yard! Small-medium size dogs do just fine here- lots of walking space. <br> <br>The managment does a lot to take care of any problems. Every time I have even metioned something is broken/needing repair- the same day it will be fixed. Funny story- one time my clothes washing machine leaked a little on the floor (just drips). By the time I was home from work that day, there was a BRAND NEW washing machine in it´s place! No sign that anyone had been in the house, let alone 2 washing machines had come through the front door! <br> <br>I´ve lived in many apartments, but BY FAR Northwoods is the best. Yes, it´s a little expensive, but you pay for the service and the wonderful surroundings. I have no idea how people can complain about it here- these must be the ´give me convienence or give me death´ types.
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Madison Northwoods

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