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1050 State Street

New Haven, CT 06511



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
Traffic noise from hwy 91 24/7. The traffic keeps you up at night. You will hear the traffic over your tv it's so bad. FIRE ALARMS allllll the time. Its like amazing. 6am and your all outside in your pajamas waiting for the fire dept to say its ok to go back in. This happens all the time. Its exhausting. Movers?? Moving in or out?? Well its a free for all for a "reserved" elevator. Yeah that's the way they role here. 3 or 4 mover Trucks all moving in at the same time on the same elevator thats not locked down.. So residents are using elevators. Its awesome use of your money because the movers dont care. They get paid no matter what dont they. Again good luck with that. Parking... You could bottom your car out leaving the garage or get towed $80 at randam parking on the street where they tell you its free. Good luck. Electric bill- its high! Your "nest" seems super cool until your realize how many times you set it to remove the schedule and adjust the schedule and remove the schedule again that it has just randomly created! Your AC comes on while your at work to a new low! Amazing your air conditoning or heating at crazy cool or warm temps while no one is home or at 2am or 4am. And so its best left off. So again, good luck. Water bills: They are nickling and diming you here so expect to pay like $30 a month for water. The best thing of all is the ignoring nature of customer service you get here. They just pretend they didn't actually hear your concern. So your concern is not their problem its yours. They seem to smile and keep going like robots and ignore your problems. Overall safety, I feel as though if you make a wrong turn anywhere you are in a bad area in new haven. Its very unsafe. All you need to do is google the news or watch the news to realize its not a safe neighborhood. Why spend the money for this neighborhood. Its unsafe.
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Corsair Manager


Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. Our resident's satisfaction is our top priority. We would like to address the concerns noted in your review. Fire Alarms: As a new building, we did experience a few alarms due to system sensitivity issues. We have since addressed these issues, and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Movers: We apologize for the disruption during your moving process. At the time of your move, our freight elevator was not yet ready and we had to ensure the elevator was also open to other residents. Our dedicated freight elevator is now open. Parking: We offer both unreserved or reserved parking at Corsair. Residents may also choose to park on the street, however, street parking is managed by the City of New Haven who will periodically complete street cleaning. The City of New Haven posts signs and reminders prior to the start of any street work. In addition, our office sends out reminders to residents. Utilities: Residents have the ability to manage their utility usage through their Nest Thermostat. As with all "smart" thermostats, the Nest has multiple settings and functions. Thermostats can be programmed to work on a schedule, controlled via an app, and/or intuitively set temperatures you desire based on experience. Our office is always available to answer any questions or to help set up thermostats. In addition, water/sewer is based on usage and is within the residents control to manage their monthly bills. We take pride in our community, the East Rock Neighborhood, and all the great shops and restaurants within walking distance. We welcome others to stop in for a tour to experience Corsair in person.

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