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Residence Court



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2006
DO NOT not be swayed by the high ceilings, new fixtures, superficial amenities, and central location here. This building is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE and should be avoided at all costs. The security is terrible - badly flawed and there have been several apartment break ins and other unauthorized entries to the complex I am aware of. The problem is compounded by the fact that management appears to have stupidly given the security codes to external entries to the residential parts of the complex to people working in the office tower, which both increases noise and disruption for the tenants (particularly in the morning) and opportunities for others to enter. Management is unresponsive and requires constant harassment to get anything done. There is LITTLE TO NO noiseproofing in the residential units - you can hear everything your neighbor does (including urinating), everything in the hall, and even noise in non-adjoining apartments (barking dogs!). It is a constant annoyance and much worse than I've experienced in other apartments. If you happen to get a neighbor who likes to party, you can forget about sleep or peace. Until recently, construction workers in the courtyard sometimes started work as early as 7:30 or 8 in the morning. That could continue when the weather warms up again. The residential units are plagued by leak problems. Also, do not believe the sales pitch that the building temperature is kept at 68 (winter) and 72 (summer) degrees and the suggestion that because of that, you'll not neat heat or air conditioning in your unit if you are comfortable in those ranges. That is at best a bad misrepresentation. In my experience and that of several other tenants I've talked to, the residential units DO NOT stay in that range when it is colder or hotter outside - I've had to run heat and air conditioning constantly to keep the temperature in that range. <br><br>To top it off, the price high, parking in the adjoining lot is $120/month, and you will have to sign an outrageously one-sided lease (in favor of the landlord) that will make it difficult to address many of the problems described here. This company (College Street, LLC) owns the Strouse Adler and other buildings around town, and while I cannot attest to specific experiences in those buildings, many if not all of the problems at 900 Chapel are the result of cut corners during construction, unresponsive and incompetent management, and sales misrepresentations. So I would avoid the company altogether.
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Residence Court

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