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The Residences at Ninth Square



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 10/21/2005
We lived in this apartment for 14 months and our experience was not good enough. Pros: <br> The location is really great. It is very close to downtown area. I never had or felt a safety problem around the building and the building looks good. Maintenance workers are mostly nice and helpful.<br>Cons: <br> We paid security deposit for 2 months rent just because we don't have a credit history in the US. This is ridiculous because I was an international student and I couldn't have a credit history in the US. By the way my friend who lives in the US and have a very good credit history also signed a letter of guarantee for us.<br> We had a toilet that cloged all the time and our carpet near the washing machine was mostly wet because of the water flow from the washing machine. We called maintenance many times and asked them to fix this problem but they couldn't find a way to stop this water flow. <br> We were living on the first floor and there was a Hong Kong restaurant below us which had a terrible food smell. We couldn't open the window just because of this reason.<br> Gym-room was always empty because of some broken machines but you could always find an exercise equipment that works:-)<br> We always had our worst experiences with the management office. We have seen 3-4 building managers in 14 months. There is no need to talk about Louis in the front desk. She is very cute when you give her the rent check but very rude when you tell her a problem and you should call her many times to make sure that she gave your message to the right person.<br> We gave them a letter to end our lease before almost 2 months we moved out. They had to pay our security deposit within a month after our moving date otherwise they had to pay double. We called them many times and remembered them this situation but they always told us not to worry about that until the time is over. They told us to call NY office to fix this problem but we didn't understand why we should call their NY office because we didn't rent this house from NY and there was a manager who should be dealing with such problems. When we remembered them again and again that they should pay double according to the lease agreement, they started to argue with each other. We told them that we don't want double just pay it in 2 days but they made the payment in almost 1 month after our calls to NY office and them many times.<br> We would suggest you other apartment complexes. If they are all full you could try this building but don't expect too much from this building.
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The Residences at Ninth Square

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