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Ardenwood Apartments Homes



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I lived here for 1 year between 2014-2015 and I have to say this was the worst lease experience I've ever had. Ardenwood was supposed to be a friendly, safe, and even an up-scale condominium which was what attracted me to move in here. Maybe this was but sometime in the fall of 2015 they changed management / ownership (who you are not allowed to contact directly by the way, you just have to deal with the front office) and things went downhill. I'll summarize my complaints here: *Expensive - They don't keep their end of the deal and you don't get what you expect. You expect one rent and right before signing they'll say their market rent went up. And the rent will continue increasing every year. *Poor or no maintenance inside and out of apartments - They had only 2 guys doing maintenance / cleaning for the entire condo. Expect repairs to not be done at all, to be done too late, or to be done poorly. *Unsafe and dirty / No care for residents health and safety *Terrible and unsafe snow removal - the same 2 guys doing all removal and snow and ice piled up and blocked egress even though there are many elderly and disabled resident! *The garbage collection dumpster and compactor piles up and overflows all the time *Poor common areas care and landscaping *No direct communication between residents and management or owners directly *They'll rip you off at the end and make you pay for carpet cleaning and paint even if you left the apartment spotless which we did ! Expect to pay at least $250 whether you paid a security deposit or a surety bond. They won't even notify you of this timely or appropriately and when you get notice is when they are already trying to report you with credit agencies. This really pissed me off because my credit is impeccable! I could give many specific examples of the above and many incidents, took photos, wrote letters and emails and of course made many calls to their front office and to local authorities but unfortunately you are left to deal on your own pretty much because this is a 'private' community and the excuse of front office staff is that they can't do much and they will pass of the complain to the main mgtm office / owners. I am filing a formal complain with the state and I recommend other tenants do too. My advise, don't move in, or move out as soon as you can.
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Ardenwood Apartments Homes

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