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Corset Factory



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2007
Parking: 2 spaces per unit with 2 guest passes issued to each apartment. You could get away with a third vehicle if you had to. Numerous tenants have three. Outdoor Ammenities: Not so good. Hardly any grass or landscape. There are two outdoor grilles and an outdoor table which is popular. An outdoor basketball hoop would be great! Indoor Ammenities: Again, not so good. Only offers a fitness center whic is seriously in need of equipment updating. If you don't mind it, us it. But if you are a fitness nut, plan to spend $$ on a gym membership. Pros and Cons: All water including hot is included. That alone can save a ton of $$ each month. It is a rarity for this area and worth it in considering renting her when weighing the price. Party walls are thick and sound deadening. Floors are a bit hollow and you can hear your neighbor walking above if they choose not to consider those below them. Windows are plentyfull but LEAK! Consider putting plastic up in the winter as heating can be expensive. A/C is usually cheaper unless you are in an upper floor or loft. The it is more $$ in the summer and less in the winter. Brick walls and beam are beautiful, but the original structural post are where they are and makes floorplans choppy and sometimes furniture layout a hassle. Washer/Bryer combo provided in unit but it is a space saver stackable which is low capacity. Laundry will be an almost daily chore but at least water is covered. Kitchen and baths are original to the renovations done in the late 80's/early 90's to get this place into apartments. They could benefit from an overhaul espacially when comparing to apartments in the area in the same price range or less. This property is a mojor money maker for Spinniker so unfortuantly they don't like to put money into it. Neighbors are young to middle age working professionals who are respectful, friendly, and courties to others. If apartments are only available on the Main Street side ... forget it! Bars are a major noise hassle and can be unruly in the early hours of the AM 7 days a week. Uniterupted sleep is almost not possible. Consider units in any other location in the complex. Building is secure and safe. Parking lot is well lit but there are no gates to allow vehicles in or out. There have not been any parking lot issues with theft or break-ins in the last year since I have been here. Rent will run fron $1600 to around $2,100 with square footage of around 700 to 950. Units are mostly laid out well, but some are just too cut up. Two Bedrooms are actually not too spacious. Best bet is a one bedroom including a loft but they are on the upper end of the price range. Electric is not bad. Budget about $150 a month. Some months a lot less, others a little more depending on your usuage, etc., The heat pumps in the uinit are pretty efficent and they are forced air. I would recommend the complex if you follow this review. The price is fine for SoNo but lacks ammenities. You are paying for the SoNo convienance so if you don;t take advantage of the bar scene and restaurants, then you are really not getting your money's worth. Hope this helps!
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Corset Factory

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