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99 Prospect St



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
My boyfriend and I moved into this apartment August 2018. Let me start off by saying we LOVE junior and Robert head of maintenance! The are amazing, always there when we needed them and just all around great people ti know! However, I would not recomend apartment 3H where we lived. First off we moved in and the woman before us left holes and nails everywhere in the apartment all over the walls. Second off she left the bathroom so moldy to the point where we got sick and thirdly we had to scrub the stove when we cleaned behind it there was mouse tracking and food left behind. unfortunately we never complained or took pictures of any of this when we first moved in which was our mistake in all honestly. Yes we did hang pictures up and yes we did light a candle the made a burn mark on the ceiling. However, we spent weeks trying to clean up this apartment to the best of our abilities. We went back and forth back and forth from home depot to try and fix this stain on the ceiling and cover up all the holes. not only did the landlord call me on my work phone well after we had moved out (mean while she has my email) she kept me on the phone while i was at work talking down to me telling me how unfortunate it was we left holes from hanging up pictures of our family. I apologized for the ceiling and said i understand that was our mistake. She kept me on the phone while I was at work telling me how horrible it was that we left the apartment this way. She took $984 from our security deposit for a damn paint job; which my cousin owns his own business and said was ridiculous. These people had a problem with us from the very beginning because my boyfriend and I did not feel comfortable giving them access to our direct deposit for rent (we decided to mail in checks once a month; which they always deposited them super late or super early, mind you). I can go on and on with these people; but i am just going to leave it at this, if you are single with no furniture or pictures to hang (even with just thumb tacks), plan on not being home often and barley use the apartment, go for it! If you are a couple ir have a family, please make your home somewhere else! or just not this apartment!
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99 Prospect St

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