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Parallel 41 Apartment Residences



Resident · 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This place is terrible. The fixtures are cheap, expect things to break. We are talking dishwasher, oven, toilets, cabinets...experienced first hand. Once you get used to constantly logging service calls do not be alarmed if you get your water disconnected multiple times without any notice, it seems to be the norm here. In addition the building does not seem to have its electrical standards up to scratch. Recently a power cut caused our DVR to blow up, apparently the building was hit by lightning. I am not the only one here, I know people who had their TV sets blow out from this lightning... Lets not even talk about the issue of the elevators which seem to regularly be experiencing problems. Its now become a running resident joke how they are always out. All in all I feel this place is completely over priced. Do not be tricked, on first glance this place looks great but ask actual residents that you know live here, not some alleged residents on review sites... In addition the management changed hands in September and it has gone down hill drastically. Expect an attitude when trying to use any communal facility. Expect to be treated like a lunatic when you get upset that you have not got any water so you can not shower or even brush your teeth... To top it all off the resident dynamic here has changed a lot. It used to have a bunch of young fun people who had respect for other residents. Now, due to some crazy anomaly considering the rent you pay, it seems to harbor some really trashy rowdy ------ folk. Expect to hear domestic's throughout the night in various places across the complex. In closing, do yourself a favor and avoid this place.
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Parallel 41 Apartment Residences

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