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Parallel 41 Apartment Residences



Resident · 2012 - 2014
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Office Staff
**DO NOT MOVE HERE** ***WARNING*** Outside of the bugs, rats, and other infestations previously mentioned, this property is NOT what it is sold to be. There has been a drastic decline in the type of tenants allowed to move in. From young professional families being the first inhabitants, and since moving due to the change in Ownership/Management, have been replaced with young "professionals" and "students" who care little about the property, its shoddy common areas, and the horrific parking situation, and most importantly respecting neighbors. I would at best recommend Parallel 41 to recent college grads, who care little about their cars, privacy, and safety. DO NOT EXPECT the maintenance staff to be a help of any kind. The property management company employs 2 full-time maintenance staff who take their direction from a Senior Maintenance Staff member who oversees this property and two others in the approximate area. This leads to mass confusion and work-orders not getting seen, handled, or completed. The property manager and the management company they work for treat residents as employees not as clients, customers, or even tenants who LIVE and PAY RENT here. We apparently don't live here, but just get in the way of their "work," although they seem to act busy, no-one knows what they are actually doing with this property. They change rules, enter apartments with limited notice (if at all given), and have NO CLUE how to manage a property. As for the apartment build-out and amenities, everything seems to be nice and new and cool looking, but after the first few weeks (being kind) you begin to notice what the settling of the building after construction has done. The drywall(s) are coming apart and showing seems and nails/screws. The WINDOWS and WINDOW-FRAMES leak air, fog-up with condensation, are paper thin and allow the slightest of noise(s) to enter the apartment (ie. the buzzing from the parking entrance into the lobby can be heard as is echoes the building's walls, especially after 12am and when trying to sleep, as does people talking, car doors shutting, etc...). The showers/tub area(s) are poorly shaped with VERY SMALL areas to bathe, the drawers in the bathrooms are flimsy and rely on plastic rails and screws to hold them together (have found broken on many occasions just from NORMAL USE, and NOT over stuffing or adding too much weight to the drawers. The same is true for the Kitchen Cabinets and drawers, very flimsy and not well assembled. Parking is a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE and not well handled by the property manager ("business manager," as they prefer to be addressed). Move-Ins/Move-Outs are allowed around the clock and often given special allowance to block the driveway to the building foo long periods of time and during weekends without any prior notice or warning. A MAJOR PROBLEM! THIS PROPERTY IS NOT COMPARABLE TO LUXURY APARTMENT BUILDINGS IN THE STAMFORD AREA AND PRICE RANGE!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY -- APARTMENT BROKERS AND LEASING PROFESSIONALS BEWARE -- LOOK ELSEWHERE. *REMEMBER: BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP*
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Parallel 41 Apartment Residences

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