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Stamford Commons



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
Okay, so this review is going to be split into two parts. The first part is about my more recent experience at the complex with new management and then the second part is about the complex when the property manager was on site all the time Both are good but both are also VERY different. I love living here for the following main reasons: 1. I never see my neighbors (meaning it's so quiet and everybody keeps to themselves and is respectful) If you smoke then you can mingle with people in the designated smoke area and make buddies otherwise if you are like me then you keep to yourself. 2. I ALWAYS feel safe (this is not a smart idea but I never lock my car door or my apt door) why? because it's such a respectful and safe place and I'm from the south and believe everyone is nice. I know thats bad but that just shows you how safe I felt here 3. It's ALWAYS clean. People have cats (I have 2) and large dogs and small dogs. It's clean, i never see hair balls or poop in places it shouldn't be. Once I saw poop by guest parking but then that was it. 4. We have a GRILLING area! its so cool, and we can store our small propane tanks with a lock 5. We have bike racks and we get parking spaces. 6. No one has ever bothered me. If there is/was an issue then I send an email and i get a response. 7. Brand New washing machines and dryers. They cost $2/load but they are large and worth it. The ones they used to have sucked and were not worth $2/load. 8. there is a designated area for free used goods. I have made some money on the side by re-selling the items i find. Someone left 2 pairs of timberland boots in GREAT used condition. Sold those on Poshmark because they weren't my size and I made some extra cash which was cool because I needed it for extra expenses. 9. Upper management has been super helpful with any issues and I am truly touched by how understanding they have been of my situation. I'm moving put for personal reasons but I really would recommend this to anyone thinking of living near downtown. It's the only place thats is nice, *very affordable*, spacious and a quick walk to all the bars and restaurants. Review part 2: before new management took over When I first moved in I was surprised by how strict the manager ------ was. There were so many rules and she would probably send some type of email either scolding people for not following the rules or send general reminders about what was happening around the complex, at least every two days. There were times when she would get downright passive aggressive (or aggressive I guess) by calling people out on rules they didn't follow and she would send it to everyone. She would not use names but she would say things in a way that just wasn't respectful. I can assure you this isn't an exaggeration BUT to her defense I didn't see a problem with it. Why? Because I followed the rules and when I didn't then yes I got in trouble. My car got towed at least 3x times, it was awful but I learned my lesson. She def. ran the complex like a strict mom and well some people didn't like it but I had no problem with it. I heard of my neighbors having issues with her and I saw both sides. When you got on her bad side it wasn't fun at all. When she left I actually enjoyed it more because I wasn't worried about all the emails she sent. The new management just treats us like adults we are and they send gentle reminders if they need to. I like having my own space and privacy considering this is an apartment with pets. I never hear barking, the only time is when my cat escapes from my apt and runs down the hall. The other dogs on my floor smell him and start to go crazy. So there is my super long review. This isn't a fake review, I guess that's what a fake reviewer would say but I hope my genuine review can help some of you make a decision. If you want an apartment with amazing floor to ceiling windows and amazing sunlight then get ready because my one bedroom is going to be up for grabs soon.
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Stamford Commons

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