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Stamford Commons



Resident · 2010 - 2017
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Office Staff
I was a tenant at Pine Hill since 2010 and just left. Up until June of this year, it was the best complex that I have every lived in. Management was great. Actually helped me move in when she saw me struggling by myself on a Sunday. Maintenance was excellent. You were answered within minutes and they were all too happy to repair whatever the problem was and the buildings were filled with all nice, friendly,professional people. If tenants got noisy or had a party or someone's dog barked constantly, the landlord dealt with immediately and made the place enjoyable to live in. Since the owner's daughter left, it has been a holy nightmare. It is unbelievable how one person could make that much of a difference. The office staff was left to manage and called themselves the team and had some lady in charge that called herself the owner's assistant was was just plain nasty. Tenant after tenant started to leave and the complex became a ghost town. Then they had the secretary renting apartments and renting to random people or people with lots of noisy kids or extended families. That may have been ok if there was management around who cared or would control the situation, but there wasn't. Many of us would send email after email to the management and their way of dealing with it would be to not respond or tell you they would look into it and do nothing. Smoking in the apartments, stairways, on decks became the norm and there was no one that would do anything. They finally got rid of the security guards because they wanted to cut expenses(probably because the buildings were empty), so now everyone has their guests park anywhere in the lot so you cannot find a space. It is like the management wanted you to leave so we did and my friends in another apartment did , as well. If you want to move to Pine Hill, you will have you pick of apartments because there are so many vacant, but I can tell you from my experience that you would be making a mistake. Good riddance.
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Stamford Commons

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