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Knollwood Apartments



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vacattack • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/01/2017
This place is honestly horrendous... Even for a laid back person like myself. We lived on the bottom floor, which is essentially a basement with very few, small windows, and plenty of bugs crawling around during the year. When we moved in, the place was caked in dust.The blinds for the windows were five shades darker than they normally are with all the dust/dirt, and the window crevices in my bedroom probably had not been cleaned since they were built. The interior of this place is 90% wooden from floor to ceiling, which is not only super tacky, but makes the whole inside dark as can be. The living room does not provide any light whatsoever, you have to provide it yourself. The fridges are so small and barely have any shelf space, the oven is the most primitive one that I have ever seen, and does not even have a timer. The shower in our place was surprisingly decent, but I've heard horror stories about others being rotted underneath. The "free wifi" is honestly the most garbage wifi I ever encountered. I lived in the back bedroom, and the only room the wifi worked for me was in the living room (barely); it did not work in the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Calls got dropped all the time, and you constantly have to sign back into the wifi because of the reception getting dropped. I had to take almost all of my calls standing by the front door. At no point in my time there did I ever have more than 2/3 bars of wifi while in my apartment. I'm lucky I live relatively close to my parents and girlfriend's houses because I had to bring my laundry there or else I'd be spending close to 10$ a week for the worst driers I have ever encountered. It took at least 4 spins to get a standard weeks worth of laundry dry in machines that accept only quarters. The carpets are so disgusting, and the places often flood. As a result, the whole place just smells of old, decaying carpet. I went away for a long weekend once, and came back, only to practically gag at how bad the carpet smelled. Knoll Wood runs on electric heat, and although my roommate and I were very frugal with our heat, keeping it on/around 60 degrees from Jan-March, we were still shelling out $200+ for electric every month during the winter. This is because the insulation in the place is so bad, that heat escapes the apartment so easily, and it creates a cycle where it has to pump heat back to maintain what you set it at UNLESS you turn the heat 100% off in the winter, which is just absurd and cruel to save money. The management is raising the prices for the following year, which just baffles me. I paid $500 a month to live in a house far from school, and moved closer and paid $550 a month for this horrendous apartment that was closer to school. The ONLY positive about this place is it's location close to UConn, but even that is not worth it. Live in a house somewhere near campus. Do NOT live here. I am so excited to leave this place. And I have heard nightmares about getting your security deposit back, which is something I am not looking forward to.
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Knollwood Apartments

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