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Knollwood Apartments



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FutiltiyMistress • Resident 2002 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2004
So I´ve lived in Knollwood since August of 2002. And words fail me at the moment. <br><br><br>First off, I couldn´t even look at any of their apartments until I had filled out an application. --------. But I was so desperate to get out of UConn (Motto: Drink Till You Can´t See The Piles of Dirt Anymore) that I would have gladly lived in a Little-House-On-The-Prairie-esque dirt shack. <br><br><br>And when I saw my new apartment for the first time, that´s pretty much what I got. Only without the charm. The floors are made of brown linoleum tiles, in ever-popular Vomit Brown. I fear for my health, as these lovely abodes were constructed during the Golden Age of Asbestos. But I don´t know, they probably removed any asbestos to comly with EPA guidelines. The walls match, in a way - it´s wood paneling from floor to ceiling. All over the apartment. ALL OVER THE APARTMENT, EVEN IN THE BATHROOM. Speaking of the bathroom, the tiles were falling off in the shower, and the tub looked like someone had died of tuberculosis in it. We scrubbed the hell out of that place before I even spent one night in there. It´s futile, though. You can never get a Knollwood apartment clean. Because of those floors and those walls, you just always feel dirty, and you can never get the dirt out from the corners and against the walls. It´s dark and depressing and dirty. <br><br><br>If you´re an entomolygist, you´ll love living at Knollwood, as there are over 164,987 species of insects living in my bedroom alone. One summer we had a horrid infestation of wasps - WASPS - in the apartment. My roommate got stung on her neck while she slept. Thank God she´s not allergic. <br><br><br>The torture of my roommate continued as that winter, the entire gutter fell down right outside her window. It´s still there today, probably accumulating new species of vermin, as maintenance has done nothing about it. This was a year ago, and she still has the jitters. Soon, other gutters began raining down from the roofs in all the units. You´d think the Rain Gutter Fairy just left them all over the lawn. <br><br><br>The average temperature in my apartment is so low that it is best measured in degrees Kelvin. The heat is electric, and the apartment is terribly drafty, so the heater is useless. I think the molecules in my body actually stopped moving one February day. Do me a favor, if you live here, and buy an electric blanket. <br><br><br>Enough bitching, though. Knollwood has some bonuses. It´s moderately cheap, and pretty quiet. Since it´s 4-unit houses, you´re not sandwiched on all four sides by neighbors. I have never ONCE had the apartment or my car broken into, and I can park my car right near my front door. The landlady, besides that fact that she has hundreds of tenants, is nice and knows me by name. My apartment, aside from being ugly as ----, is HUGE. My room is fairly big, there is lots of storage space and a ludicrous amount of counter space in the kitchen. <br><br><br>Don´t live here unless you are a UConn student who doesn´t have a car, though. There´s better out there. Go rent out a Victorian in Willimantic with some friends, they´re hella cheap and nice. But if you do live here, it´s not some kind of death camp. Hell, I survived almost 2 years here, and I´m not that emotionally damaged. Just bring an electric blanket and a bat to fight off the larger spiders. <br><br><br><br><br><br>
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Knollwood Apartments

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