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Knollwood Apartments



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Office Staff
Janwar69 • Resident 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/19/2004
This place was depressing, cheap, but depressing. I rented the apartment out of desperation. They are the only one with vacancies. Unfortunately I made the same mistake again by moving to Maplewood Apartment, Happens to be the same as Knollwood. The Office employees are tricky; they never showed me the apartment, and asked me to put down money to hold the apartment (the only one I can find at the time). Then when I found out that the apartment sucks there was nothing I can do because they would’ve taken my money if I didn’t rent the apartment. Don’t put any money down until you see the apartment, they will use this line on you – (you can make an appointment to see the apartment if you like, but there are people interested at the apartment and will look at it tomorrow. I am busy this week but I can set up an appointment with you for next week or if you like you can reserve the apartment with a $$$(usually a month worth of rent) as deposit. <br><br>Now the apartment that I rented- I came to find out the reason why they didn’t want to show me the apartment: 1. there was an open septic tank outside of my apartment, the ---- smell drove me crazy and my guests started visiting less and less. 2. It was the bottom floor/basement with tremendous amount of noise filtering through the walls (no privacy) and a kid lived upstairs, he made me crazy in the morning with all the running around. 3. the floor, I think it had fungus growing on it. 4. Very cold 5. Not so friendly neighbors 6. Spiders 7. Dark and depressing. <br><br>Word of advice: If I had to do it over again I would not choose to live in this place, it took 15% of the joy out of my college life. Saving money is not worth the misery. <br>
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Knollwood Apartments

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