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Parker Place



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
My neigbor just showed me this so I must add my two cents. One thing is clear, if you live in a unit with hardwood floors, dont walk around with heels on or stomp. Theres no insulation. And for those people who have major fights twice a week for the world to hear stop! I have most of it recorded and play it back with my girls and laugh; its pathetic. But regarding the owner and management, put it this way, I froze from last night until just a few minuteas ago. I had no heat! I have had many nights without heat for the past 2.5 months. They attempted to fix it once with just a few hours notice but I had an appointment. Hello, give notice and come back the next day.That was three weeks ago. Ohh I have had two of my windows broke since last summer, my oven doesnt work right and they do NOTHING. To top it all of, the owner thinks hes someone special; he deosn't speak, he wont let you speak, instead just yells at you. I know for a fact that he treats most tenants this way because I have spoke with many of them. But then again if you know how he acquired this building it makes perfect sense. As a matter of public record, this man forced all the private owners, al but about four of them. And those people must not be very intelligent or have any self worth. Thats the blatant truth, sorry if its harsh. But no one in the right mind would put up with all of this. And you really can't get much from the tenants because most move out after one or two years. So if you go door to door before renting to get an idea of the place, they'll say "it's been fine so far".And most humans are so repressed and fearful or speaking the truth. Anway tenants with any serious problems here need to contact the health department and file a lawsuit. I am still only here because I havent found a new place yet but I cannot wait to move ASAP. I just wish this site let me add video PS dont use the laundry machines, unless you use frangrant detergents to hide the smell, your clothes will stink because they dont come clean. Just open up the washer and see how high the water levels go. the machines are literally from the 80s
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Parker Place

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