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Parker Place



Resident · 2009 - 2015
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Office Staff
After living here for six and half years I cannot wait to leave and I'm going to be filing a lawsuit for years of harassment and discrimination not to mention property neglect. Let me just start by saying the only reason I haven't moved yet is because I am disabled and very sick. The windows in my unit have been broken for the six and half years. strong healthy people cannot open and close them without being hurt and some people just simply choose not to open them because they're afraid of being hurt. I personally been to the emergency room twice over these windows and twice over falls because they do not properly plow or shovel or take care of the ice in the winter. For asking that the handicapped spot be kept clear, they repeatedly plowed me in and even plowed into my car in 2011! There is no true handicap access but as they say there is one door that's level against the main lobby but heaven for bid you actually have a friend come over who's in a wheelchair they can't get into the building at all. There is no ramp and the "level" side has no buzzer. This applies to somebody with the baby stroller as well they have to pick everything up and throw their shoulder out. The laundry facility is in the basement without any elevator access and is truly atrocious. there are way more washers for dryers that are always out of order. The things that they have are so old they're constantly malfunctioning and taking our change and shredding up clothes. And yes in 2015 you need change! Most apartments have in unit machines or at least updated machines in a laundry room that swipes cards! Most units are rundown with appliances from the 70s!! And cabinets that are literally falling apart and ------ rigged. The back parking lot has no lamps on, they've been out for over a year now. There's absolutely no amenities. the property, instead of having a nice outdoor area for the tenants has a huge empty parking lot in the back that's never used. If you do have an emergency good luck you can have a pipe burst and have to wait days for somebody to come fix it. I've spoken to dozens of tenants over the years who say their windows magically pop open in the middle of the winter, they can't shut them, they're falling out on them. I mean they have leaks not taking care of, the roof is caving in etc. etc. so many horror stories here but if you ask for something to be fixed the next thing you know your mail is going missing and somebody's calling the cops on you saying you're smoking marijuana when you're not but even if you were you have a card to legally smoke it. The owner will even go so far as to fail to cash the rent checks that you sent and try to evict you for no reason other than your windows are breaking all the time and he won't replace them. He would rather lose six grand on the rent then replace the windows because the entire building needs them. Here you go on vacation to come home to a broken picture. A picture that fell and then was picked up by the creep maintainance man who illegally entered the unit and did God only knows what in your bed!!! This is what I'm currently dealing with. I feel completely violated. Someone was in my apartment while I was away on my bed! And after asking the manager why that would be she states " I've been ordered by the landlord to not have any communication with you" " if something needs to be done in apartment you're own your own" What the hell is that? These people are insane. Im not evening thinking of the other half of things I've endured. But here you find a crap place that discriminates based on age, sex, disability. You cannot live here if you are senior, disabled or have children, huh interesting in this day and age. The sad part about it is this place would be wonderful if somebody else owned it and if it was better taking care of that's what it boils down to the building itself is awesome the apartment could awesome with high ceilings and they could be wonderful. No instead the the owner is what is considered a slumlord who doesn't take care of the building and abuses his tenants. I have tried to live here peacefully and respectfully after he tried evicting me 4 1/2 years ago for paying out of pocket to fix the broken heat in the middle of winter. But this last false claim that my rent wasn't paid, after being threatened for the past month, coming home to find my apartment entered illegally, mail stolen, false police calls, windows not getting repaired despite legally being ordered, and then having another tenant flip out on me in the laundry room tonight because I had to place her clothes on top so that after 20 minutes of them being finished I can use them, IM DONE! ITS DONE. You want me out that'll be at least $5000 for new security and moving expenses + another $60,800 my unpaid medical bills and the pain and suffering I've endured both physically and mentally. When it's all documented by multiple doctors and dozens of witnesses, yeah. IM DONE! 658!!!
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Parker Place

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