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Southwind Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I have to say I moved in 07 to a 1st floor studio, and it was "ok". Nothing to write home about. ONLY the studios have storage space. On their website it says "gated entrance" that is a lie. There is not "gate" but a buzz in system which never works, becasue the door knobs always breaks.(currently our building's door has been broken for 3 months now.)When I got married my husband and I moved to a 1 bedroom. AWFUL, AWFUL LIVING CONDITIONS!!! Mold in the bathroom, our floors move when you walk on them causing things like the dresser and book case to bounce when you walk by. We get woken up OUT OF OUR SLEEP, when the people upstairs decided to"fool around". SO bad that we can hear EVERYTHING, it gross! Also the man down stairs smokes which causes our space to reak of his cigars!! REAK, our clothes smell of it the couches, etc. And as such so does the rest of the downstairs, when you first walk in all you smell is cigar. Managment won't do anything about it. The sliding doors they have, always fall off the track, we have had ours replaced twice now. When we moved into the 1bedroom the carpet was so worn out and matted down that it should have been replaced before we moved in, as most apartments are treated to new carpets after long term use. Ours were not, and now we can feel the base boards when we walk over certain parts. When I moved in the Managment team was polite friendly, willing to stay on top of any work you needed done(because the maint. department are worthless and lazy).Well, they recenlty changed, and the current managment have the worst attitudes, are constantly on the defense with simple requests (according to my husband) and with my experience want nothing to do with any major issues you have (the smoke, noise,moldetc) How is that managment? Believe me we have been looking for another place, but there is no reason what so ever that they will let you out of your lease unless you have someone to replace you. And to get a month to month lease is an arm and a leg. This place is not worth the aggrevation , or your health due to the mold or sleep deprivation. Even with the ammenities, the pool they close early at night, and for the season. Today actually the pool is closed so the can seal it??? Y now in june and not earlier or later lik october? Also while sitting by the pool the maint. guy will come in and put the bleach in the pool, WHILE THERE ARE PEOPLE THERE, and you cant go in for an hour after that. When I asked why he did it he replied it has to get done daily and he had other things to do???? nice. the tennis court is lop sided, the laundry room is always packed, the dryers dont dry all the way and the washers are usually broken. the gym is ubber tiny and I recieved ring worm because come to find out they wont supply spray and paper towels.Another recent plus of the place is they are changinf the stone outside to siding i guess....not fixing all the other issues, just the LOOK of things. And they have allowed construction dumpsters to take up a large portion of the parking, with threats to tow whoever parks next to them. I swear Im not writing this to have a ----- fest, I just want people to know what they are getting into if they live here. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! and do not settle on this because its cheaper than most and LOOKS nice. You WILL take the hit on much more important things.
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Southwind Apartments

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