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Southwind Apartments



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
They tore off the siding on all the buildings over a year ago for replacement, (leaving the plastic wrap-like moisture barrier exposed) and well, they are still torn off a year later. I doubt they will "finish" the majority of the apartments even this year, based on just how slow things are going. All I keep hearing is, "there has been a small delay." I can't believe I pay almost $1000/month for this crap-looking complex. Its become an embarrassment to show to friends and family that I live here. On top of that, I can do better maintenance then the actual maintenance does. Instead of altogether replacing a broken door, they'd rather screw the door back together at the crack, and paint over the screws (that are sticking out), no kidding! Noise is okay, just depends on your luck with neighbors. Previous upstairs neighbors were quiet, now I have a bunch of 20 something year-old party-ers that smoke, talk loudly, drink, and move furniture on their patio all night long. I've found their clothing and empty beer cans on my patio below. If I am going to say anything nice about the complex, is that its landscaping is nicely done. But as they say, "don't judge a book by its cover." Same thing applies. The fresh-mowed grass, trimmed shrubs, nice blue pool, and beautiful trees certainly are a facade of the ugliness within. When my lease is up in a few months, I'm out of here...
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Southwind Apartments

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