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Southwind Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
I've been living here for almost 10 months and can't wait until my lease is up! At first glance this place seemed great...because that's all you get: a first glance. They only allow you to see model apartments. That's your first red flag. The model apartments are always better than the apartments that people actually live in but what we saw the first day we moved in was unacceptable. Our carpet was covered with splashes of white paint and was torn up at the corners exposing the splintered wood underneath. The closet doors are very uneven and constantly fall off when you try to open them. The radiator in the bathroom is crooked which seems to be a theme throughout the tiny 600 square foot apartment. EVERYTHING is crooked. Apparently no one owns a level. The kitchen cabinets have an awful stench that, even after 10 months, hasn't lessened a bit. The only maintenance I've experienced was fixing the lock on my door which just broke one day and we couldn't get back into the apartment. Instead of replacing the lock they "fixed" it. Well I feel like you could just kick in the door now. I've considered getting a deadbolt because I don't feel safe at night. If you think you can stand all of that the squeaky floors will keep you away. The floors are so loud and squeaky that it bothers guests and can wake you up at night. You hear every step your neighbors above you take. This apartment is not worth $935 a month plus utilities. For what you get, I wouldn't pay more than $700. Nothing gets done here; the laundry facility was closed for over a month with no sort of compensation offered and no notice given until it was already closed for two weeks. I've seen multiple tenants move out early and choosing to lose their security deposits just because they can't take it anymore. I can go on and on and on about different problems I've had here but just trust me. Don't waste your money.
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Southwind Apartments

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