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Connecticut Plaza

2901 Connecticut Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC 20008



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cmyung • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/30/2005
My roomate and I are currently living here, and I have never lived anywhere with such helpful staff. The porters helped us move our heavy luggage when we first got off our Super Shuttle. Scott, the leasing agent is absolutely great! My roommate and I actually go in the office around once a week just to hang out with him. Also when we were looking for an apartment, the whole office team was helpful in getting our paperwork together from California, as well as making some great suggestions on how to make a smooth transition. Also they have given us great suggestions on what to do in the area, where the closest movie theaters are, cool Washington-ian things to do, and that the office sells discounted movie tickets for the theater that is 5 blocks away. All of our maintenance problems are taken care of within 48 hours of us reporting it. <br><br>As for the parking, I dont really see a problem. From our window, there seems to be a few places to be able to park. When we rented a car for the weekend, we didnt have any parking problems. But then we dont have a car 24/7. <br><br>The construction noise from the zoo does get on your nerves a little at 7 in the morning when you are trying to sleep, but its a small price to pay for living right extra to the zoo. As for noise from the neighbors, the only things that you hear are: if you are in the bathroom and the upstairs is taking a shower as well; if one of your next door neighbors are vacuuming and you are next to the wall; in the hallways you can faintly hear the noises of the residents. But it is absolutely quiet around 20 hours of the 24 hours, which is only because of the massive construction of the zoo  which should be done on July 2006. <br><br>I have only seen 5 bugs (2 mosquitoes, 2 ants, 1 fly) in the 2 months that I have lived here. There are no rats. I havent seen one or any rat droppings or heard anything scurrying in the walls. Also the office says that there is an exterminator that comes once a month and that if needed the exterminator will stop by if there are any problems. <br><br>Everything in the kitchen works beautifully. I have baked and cooked with our electric stove with no issues. The refrigerator isnt new, but we dont have any problems with it. The dish washing machine cleans all of our dishes very nicely. I dont know what the other review was talking about. <br><br>The only complaint I have is the size of the bathroom (yes it is very small!). They also have this odd waterproof and mildew-proof in the shower/bath inside of tile. And the laundry is a bit expensive ($1.50 to wash, $1.50 for an hour to dry). But thats the only complaints I have about the place.<br><br>It is a little pricey, and there are no amenities with the rent. But it is in a very safe neighborhood, day or night. It is 1.5 block/5 minute walk from the Woodley Park metro stop or a 6 block/15 minute walk from Cleveland Park metro stop. The L2 line is at your doorstep. There are ceiling fans in every room. The walls are light cream, and not hospital white. And the staff is wonderful!<br>
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Connecticut Plaza

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