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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 12/20/2005
Just starting out on your own it is good. They are not too strict on your credit and i felt that it was easy to get into.they Always have one bedrooms avalible but rare to get a two bedroom .<br>Managment: <br>They do have another new person in the rental office to help out but that only made things worse. <br>You can get a notice on your door for any little thing you do that they find offensive, (ex: phone ringing too loud, trash, coming in apt late at night)<br>I havent seen any roaches but they do have a out of control mice problem thay only seems to get worse. deers,yes spiders, no<br>water problems, shower is either hot or cold no in between reallY, but then again it depends on what aptartment buliding they put you in.<br>Maintenance is well...um below average. they takes days and weeks to fix something and they they do a half job putting it back together. Sometimes it is better to fix it yourself rather than deal with the so called maintenance.<br>cars have gotten stolen from there.<br>But some pluses are they isnt any body hanging in front of the apt door making it hard to get in, landscaoing is done about every two weeks.and there credit and application is no sweat. You get an answer in 2-3 days and can move in the same week.<br>
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