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Meridian at Gallery Place

450 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC 20001



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 08/28/2005
Calling it a "dormitory" is overstating, but one should understand that if you choose to live in a mid-scale rental apartment building in Washington DC in th 21st century, you shoudn't expect the Four Seasons. Some reviewers complain about high rents, but in a city full of million-dollar condominiums, $1,800 per month is not very high. Divide that in half, and just about any youngster can afford it. Sure, the appliances are entry-level Kenmore -- if they weren't, the rent would be much higher. The best feature of these apartments is the sunroom, something no other building has (except the other Meridian buildings in Arlington). It gives you a real extra room, and it's what made me decide to move here. Most people use it for their dining room -- mine's a den, with a view up and down Massachusetts Avenue. <br><br>I moved into my apartment in March 2004, the first tenant in my unit. I can't comment about the quality of service of the staff, because I never have to deal with them. (Here's a hint to those who claim their kitchen appliances are "wearing out" and their cabinets are "falling apart": if you take care of your surroundings -- treat your apartment and its contents as if you owned them -- they will last virtually forever. If people are busy tearing up their apartments and breaking their appliances, I can see where management might not be in a hurry to buy new ones -- especially when they're only a year old. Maybe the difference in service and attention isn't the level of the floor, but the quality of the tenant. Something to think about.) <br><br>I also can't comment about the exercise room (what a waste of time, exercising indoors!) or the pool, because I don't use either of them. I know the parking garage situation is bad -- the architects did the zoning trick of building sufficient parking by making the parking stalls too narrow, which causes many residents (see above) to simply take two spaces -- but I don't have to deal with it because I don't own a car. I can get everywhere I need to go by foot, Metro, taxi, and the Circulator buses. And ZipCar keeps two of its units parked right in front of the building. <br><br>The neighborhood is not unsafe; the seedy folks outside are annoying at worst (and sometimes they can definitely be annoying). But if you like living in true diversity -- and I don't just mean white people and black people, but a vibrant residential and commercial neighborhood full of literally every different type of person you can think of -- this place can't be beaten. I'm a middle-class white guy who grew up out in the MD and VA suburbs, and I like it.<br><br>Until I'm ready to buy the condo of my dreams, this will do. After reading reviews of other buildings in the area -- nightmare stories about bugs, vermin, mold, floods, criminally negligent management, etc. -- I'm satisfied that I picked one of the better buildings. If you can stand living among spoiled brats, you'll probably like it here. On the other hand, if you are one, maybe not...
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Meridian at Gallery Place

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