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Meridian at Gallery Place

450 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC 20001



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
I think it would be helpful if I placed some of these negative reviews in context by explaining the demographics -- tenants are by and large 25-30 year old young professionals whose household income I'd guess is six figures (full disclosure, I'm part of that demographic). The simple fact is that a lot of people here expect the building to make exceptions for them because, well, they're used to getting what they want. It seems like a lot of complaints have something to do with the "strict" management policies. For example: 'the doorman doesn't let my friends come in without me even though they're here all the time and he should recognize them' or 'I forgot my key and they charged me $30.' Stop acting like spoiled brats for five seconds, be responsible enought to follow the rules (and remember your keys!) and understand that the building is a better place for having those rules. All regulations are made perfectly clear to everyone from the get-go.<br><br>On to the review.<br><br>Managment -- Had very little contact with them, but they seem competent. They do run a tight ship, but if you don't expect to be coddled, it's ok.<br><br>Concierges -- All very competent. One isn't very friendly, but if you don't ask him NOT to do his job properly, he's easy enough to deal with. <br><br>Maintenance -- Outstanding. On the few occasions when I've had a problem (loss of hot water twice) they fixed it within the hour. I gather that they have someone onsite at all times. Not that it matters, but they're also very nice.<br><br>Amenities -- Gym is a decent size and equipment ok as far as apartment building gyms go, but crowded from about 5pm-9pm. Package delivery is a plus. Party room is ok, I guess (does anyone actually use those things?).<br><br>Parking -- Not much knowledge of, as I don't own a car. I've used the lot a few times for guest parking, and it does seem tight. The prices also seem exhorbitant, but I guess that's DC.<br><br>Pool -- This is my biggest complaint. Previous policy had been that you could bring as many friends as you like to use it. Halfway through this past summer, they told us it would now cost $10 per swim per guest. I'd like to think there was a reason they made the change other than to gouge everyone for more money. But I'd never noticed overcrowding before that. Either way, it establishes a bad precedent, whereby they can change the cost of something in the middle of your lease.<br><br>The apartments themselves -- My wife and I have lived in a one bedroom for a year and a half. Standard-quality appliances. Layout works for us. Not enough closet space for two people, but fine for one. Walls are thick but doors are thin. I've never heard a peep through the walls from my neighbors, but you can hear everything that's going on in someone's apartment from the hallway. Overall, nothing special, but no complaints.<br><br>Other tenants -- Aside from some who expect preferential treatment from the management, very friendly people. <br><br>Neighborhood -- Two blocks from the Chinatown strip, which is becoming one of the hotter spots in DC (if you're familiar with DC, it feels like a mini-Adams Morgan). If you're looking for a vibrant feel, it's great. And everything you could possibly want is at your fingertips. HOWEVER, this means that the nearby streets are extremely crowded at most times of the evening. Plenty of noise (fire trucks come by all the time) but you get used to it. It's across the street from a homeless shelter, so there are (obviously) a lot of vagrants around. You can expect to be accosted for money every time you venture out, but they aren't threatening. Still, be smart. If you're a female, definitely don't walk around by yourself late at night. If you want to know what you're getting into, I suggest staying at a hotel nearby for a night and checking it out yourself. My bottom line: love the neighborhood, but I'm growing out of it. Great if you're young. <br><br>I think that's it. Hope this helped.
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Meridian at Gallery Place

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