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Parkway Plaza



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Zytsu • Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/14/2005
I suspected that I would have a problem with the rental office if we ever had any interaction other then when I stopped by to pay my rent. The manager seemed unprofessional from the day I filled out the application. However, I have had only minor problems since then (Dec 2002.)<br><br>Fast forward to recently and its so bad that I am leaving. Tina Pearson has a very unprofessional management style which leaves a bad taste in your mouth after any conversation with her. In a recent incident, I was shocked at her ability to degrade my respect of her position even further. My apartment has flooded three times in the past 14 months because of a drain that keeps clogging in the utility closet. After calling the property manager to express my disappointment in how this situation was being handled, she came into my apartment and commented on several items in my apartment that had nothing to do with the reason she was there. She then pulled up a chair and took a seat while the maintenance men worked on vacuuming 18 gallons of water out of my carpet. After they left, my carpet was still wet and I proceeded to vacuum an additional 3 gallons out with my personal steam vac. To their credit, the maintenance men are working with the best tools they have available. I do, however, question the effectiveness of their tools if my Hoover steam vac gets out more water then their supposedly industrial wet/dry shop vacuum.<br><br>This is unacceptable as the first time this happened, I requested new carpet and was summarily told no. There was a total of 36-40 gallons of water in the carpet that first time. The second time, I was so irritated I went out and purchased a steam vac to aid in the process of getting all of the 20 gallons of water out of my carpet. I complained again about the carpet and the compromise was to replace the padding under the carpet only.<br><br>As far as the area, it is a nice, quiet community and my neighbors were excellent. There was rarely a problem with parking for me. There is a serious problem with upkeep of the grounds, however. Trash is usually cleaned up near the trash bins only and the rest of the complex gets cleaned only sporadically. The best feature of this complex is that all utilities are included. That is a rare commodity but you pay a serious price for it.<br><br>Every business is prone to mistakes. How you handle those mistakes will ultimately make or break your business. If you are considering moving to Parkway Plaza, call the rental office FIRST and talk to Tina for 5 minutes. If you still feel you can deal with her unprofessionalism, then be my guest. You were warned...<br><br>UPDATE<br>After writing my initial review above on 10/14/2005, my apartment has flooded again. This is after the maintenance crew "fixed" the problem on 10/10/2005. I have determined the problem to be garbage/sewage from one of my neighbors kitchen sinks (as evidenced by the spinach/turnip greens) AND waste water from the laundry room (as evidenced by the suds and soapy feeling of the water in the carpet.) This time, there was 36 gallons of water removed by the maintenance men and I believe I will remove at least another 2-4 gallons with my steam vacuum. However, I am so frustrated with this situation, I doubt I will even bother.<br><br>This situation was unacceptable as evidenced by my review above and has now progressed to possible legal action. I have contacted the property manager again and presented an offer to resolve the situation quietly that was amicable to both parties. The property manager accepted the offer without question which leads me to believe, as I stated above, that the weak link in the chain is Tina. It seems that serious problems that should be escalated aren't and the tenants are left to suffer. Unfortunately, if you have a serious problem after moving in to an apartment here(despite reading this review), you will need to escalate it to the property manager.<br><br>I am writing this review to make potential renters aware of potential problems with their potential new home. I REALLY hope that it meets that purpose.
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Parkway Plaza

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