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The Cloisters

100 Michigan Avenue NE

Washington, DC 20017



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falseadvertisement • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
When i first moved here ...I thought "man this place is in the heart of the city...yet it's the comfort of the burbs"....Then i met my neighbors...the "Mice"...these apartments are infested with mice and the management doesnt seem to care...I ve been here for a year and the problem is getting worse...Whats funny is watching unsuspecting new people move in so happy...until i was awakened in the middle of the night of the sounds of my new neighbors screaming from seeing a mouse....Parking....wow i pay for two vehicles to park on grounds ..however if i come home at a late hour i have to walk from the outside of the gate in...and i PAY...i talked to management all they could say was...."oh well...we are working on it"How in the heck can you be working on a problem and charging me at same time?....Now maintenence...is awlful...i have had the same problems in my apartment for three months and no one has addressed them yet...they tell me the same thing over and over "we will send someone"...i'm starting to think this is "Goodtimes"...and Bookman is the janitor (but even he made occassional appearances).....anyway if you like mice for roomates, paying to park with no space in sight to park...and fixing your own maintenence issues ...then this is the place for you....however...you could pay less and get the same thing down the street in the hood ....at least you wont be deceived there...it is what it is....and yes im working on moving for all you know it alls that say stupid stuff like"just move if you arent happy"...Signed the Micest person in the world...oops nicest!!!!
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The Cloisters

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