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The Vantage and The Parke at Edgewood Terrace



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2007
I am personally not a resident, but I visit frequently as friends of mine reside in the building. I can give an objective opinion on th e living conditions if you'd like...<br><br>Firstly - its not that bad. Most of the reviews on here are giving a seriously bad wrap to this place, and its not that bad. <br><br>With that said, the pros and cons:<br><br>Pro - <br>-Parking available on site you dont have to pay for. (Anyone who lives in DC knows this is a HUGE plus). <br>-Rent is truly affordable, and the utilities arent that high (my friends take seriously long showers).<br>-The Rhode Island metro is visible from the apartments, and is about a 1.5 block walk (less than 10 min walk). If you're looking to live off the red line, this is great.<br>-Very convenient to Trinity College/Catholic University<br>-While the area used to have a stronger crime issue, its getting a lot better.<br>-NO ROACHES!!!!!! I have NEVER seen a roach! I half expected to after seeing the stairwell, but nope, no roaches!!!<br>-The apartments are extremely spacious!<br><br><br>Cons-<br>-Yes there are mice...even on the 6th & 7th floors. But they're really not that bad. I think my friends have only seen 2 mice in their 3-4 years of residence. <br>-The stairwells are...well...less then stellar. Yes, I've seen used condoms, I've seen theh innards of cigars spilled onto the steps that someone was blatenly using the exterior for a blunt roll, I've seen urine (or beer, couldnt tell didnt care), and strangely enough there were disposed bananas in the stairwell once too....<br>-The hallways do smell strongly of weed. No biggie. Contact highs are a myth I think...its not THAT strong. I mean, you know people are doing it, but its not like you're hitting it from them. <br>-The area IS getting better, but I wouldnt recommend walking alone at night unless in the parking lot. <br><br><br>So it is a tossup. If you're willing to deal with the occasional mouse, no roaches, close to a metro, affordable rent for spacious housing, weed smelling hallways of neighbors that keep to themselves and dont involve themselves in your ----, etc etc...then this is a great spot. <br><br>Hope this was helpful!
The Vantage and The Parke at Edgewood Terrace Manager01/22/2014

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The Vantage and The Parke at Edgewood Terrace

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