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Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2007
First things first, the Woodner is not for everyone and that can be said about any place. Sure, if you're daddy is willing to pay $1600-$1800 a month for rent then by all means the Woodner won't be for you. Second, the truth about the bed bugs; yes, there are apartments with bed bugs, however, the building is so large - 1100 units - that I would venture to guess that less than 1% of the units have bed bugs. It's a mystery as to where they come from, how they end up in one apartment and not another. The odds are HEAVILY in your favor that your apartment WILL NOT have bed bugs. And for those apartments that do have them, the residents in the apt don't do enough to address the issue, i.e., throw everything away and start over, exterminate completely and that includes the bed bugs located in the most remote areas like inside the wall!!! I know people in the building who had them who don't anymore because they went over-the-top to clean up the place. Oh and another thing, some of the nicest hotels in NYC - we're talking thousands of dollars a night - have bedbugs. Roaches? Well, in DC, the percentage of apt buildings with them probably falls around the 65%-75% range so good luck finding an apt in DC without them. And, you'll pay $$$$ for that luxury. Third, the Woodner is like living in a small city. Neighbors watch out for one another, most residents are cordial and friendly. Very diverse too. My Spanish is improving because of the conversations I have with my Latino neighbors. Fourth, repairs are made INSTANTLY. And they do a good job. What else about the Woodner, great location, right next to Rock Creek Park. Bus stops right in front of building. Grocery store, dry cleaner, bakery, barber, and flower shop (definitely came in handy during Valentines Day :)). I've lived in the Woodner for almost 4 years, and despite the inherent challenges, I'd say it's been worth it and I plan to stay a few more years. Speaking of a few more years, there are residents who've lived in this building 30,40,50 years. Obviously it can't be THAT bad if folks live here as long as half a century!?!?! <br>
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