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Naamans Village Apartments

749 Montclair Drive

Claymont, DE 19703



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Office Staff
naamans_lifer • Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2007
I am reading these bad comments and the only thing I can say is that either someone got kicked out bc they did not pay rent or they are just compulsive liars....It is a shame that people post BS just bc they have nothing better to do. It is really a shame bc this is the best apartment in the area, it is safe and well taken care of...someone just has nothing better to do. <br>I have lived here for a couple of years and I have never had a maintenance issue that was not fixed by 5 pm the same day. During this last snow storm last week, the owners and the maintenance staff were outside at 9 pm and stayed out until 2 am on that Tuesday plowing the sidewalks and putting out sand and salt. They plowed all day on Wednesday and Thursday they were still outside taking care of all the sidewalks and parking lots. The owners of the community are the ones that built it so they really take care of everything. The office manager has been there since like 2004 and the other girl has been there for almost a year...the guys and office people speak to everyone, know eveyone by name, they ask you how your kids are doing and they help you get your car unstuck from the ice even when they are not 'on the clock'. when you move here until the day you move out, maintenance is taken care of, the office will help you with anything you need even if it is not lease related, the owner is always in the office and will personally attend to your issues...all you gotta do is ask. I can not hear my neighbors bc there are cinderblock walls around the entire unit..My insurance company said that very few apartment communities are built this well and that gave me a discount on my renter's insurance. I can't even hear anyone when they are outside my unit walking out the building. I always can find a place to park. Never had a security issue and absolutely love living here. I let my kids play around freely knowing that they will be ok. Neighbors are friendly and I have never heard about a gun issue. There are security cameras and knowing how they are, the office would have sent a letter informing the residents about the issues. Again, to the previous posters ...quit lying and pay your rent.
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Naamans Village Apartments

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