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Cedar Chase



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Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2008
My boyfriend and I have lived here since the end of March. He is military here and I moved here from Ohio to be with him. Just yesterday someone broke into our apartment (on the 2nd floor!) through the porch sliding glass door and stole about $4,000.00 worth of computer equipment. We filed a police report and went to the office today and told the office and they said "we've never had anything happen like this before." And when my boyfriend asked about the alarm that's supposed to be on the door they said "we took them out months ago because people didn't want them and said it was safe here." Bull-S*it! We're moving out asap, since these people don't seem to care. I'm not staying here to get shot or have my property stolen again. Problems with Cedar Chase Apartments (As a tourism and hospitality major, I feel I have the authority to complain about this place and everything that's wrong with it) 1.) They lie to residents- They say this complex is safe to live here... It's not!! When people can just jimmy your sliding glass door open on the 2nd floor... that is a problem! They don't tell other residents that someone's apartment was broken into. I had to tell several other residents that are considering moving now. People's cars are consistently broken into, and yet I've never heard anything from the office about this. I had to find out for myself online and from other residents. 2.) Loitering and Drug Sales- I have gone outside many times and found people that don't even live here dealing drugs in the parking lot, and I wouldn't doubt residents here dealing drugs as well. There are always a huge group of ----- people just hanging out in the parking lot at night. I don't know what the heck they're doing, dealing drugs, or whatever... but most of them don't even live here either. It makes me feel uncomfortable, and other residents as well. My neighbor didn't even want to get out of her car to go into her apartment a few times so she just drove somewhere else for a while and then came back. Ridiculous! 3.) Management will not protect it's residents- Too many residents that I could count told me that they repeatedly asked for the light in the parking lot to be fixed and it probably took them 6 months to fix a light! - Not safe at all. They also took out security alarms on the sliding glass doors and left the stickers saying there was an alarm on the door. So we assumed we were protected with an alarm. Guess not... we had to ask the management about the alarm and why it didn't go off when our apartment was broken into. What was their response?.... "We took them out months ago because the people that live here felt it was safe enough and they didn't want them." GARBAGE! And wouldn't you think it would benefit this place to have security cameras? I would rather have security than a pool.... c'mon if this place can afford a pool and afford to staff a pool... it can afford security cameras. 4.) The management is not pleasant at all- When you're taking someone else's money, they are your customer.... You DO NOT treat them like garbage and give them an attitude. I'm sorry but the woman that manages this property is a -----. She doesn't care about anything but taking your money. She has no concern for your safety, the safety of your property or anything else for that matter. I honestly think she should be fired. All she cared about when we got robbed was "Is the rental furniture okay? They didn't do anything to that did they?" GARBAGE! I could go on and on.... but I refuse to stay here in an unsafe community / apartment complex and wait for more bad things to happen. I'm not staying around to have our apartment broken into again, get raped, get shot, or mugged... no way... screw this place. This place can turn into ------ trash without me here... And another thing.... their attempt to desegregate this complex is falling apart... from what I've seen and heard... all of the ----- people and military live on the other side of the complex.... we've been living where all these -----, --------- / ------- people are....but my question is why? Is it a poor attempt to at least look like they're trying to desegregate? I'm not racist...but I cannot stand living near a bunch of ------ trash. I have a bunch of really cool ----- friends and none of them act the way these people in this vicinity do. So, if you ever plan on moving to Delaware or already live here... don't move to Cedar Chase Apartments... unless you really don't care.
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Cedar Chase

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