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Woodmill Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/14/2014
A nice setting and a moderately convenient location (convenient to downtown and grocery store but far from Du Pont, which is where most of the restaurants and entertainment are). Office is typically friendly and helpful (though one of them is usually quite unfriendly and condescending). The apartment layout is nice, but our unit is OLDER than the hills. At first blush "looked" clean at the showing but once we moved in we realized it was never actually cleaned after the previous tenants moved out. There was still candy on the floor in various locations despite the carpets having been cleaned. Laundry door was missing, and the sliding glass patio door had one of the double panes broken out and left that way. I noticed this only when I was cleaning it the first time as glass shards are still stuck in the frame. I am currently without an operating oven (temperature is off by at a fluxuating 10-70 degrees) and was informed that approval for a new one (they couldn't even get parts anymore because it is so old) could take months. The dryer also has a thermastat out so clothes take hours and hours to dry. A part was ordered but that, too, could take months to come in. The furnace is located in a locked room on the patio and is loud and inefficient. It dumps freezing cold air into the apartment between cycles. Windows are dramatically drafty. Our first a/c bill was over $165 because there appears to be very little in the walls. In addition to the high rent, expect to get bills from everywhere that we weren't entirely aware of before we moved in. Electric company, gas company, sewer company, and trash company. This combo makes for a really expensive place. We end up paying about $1300 a month with everything included and that is for an empty apartment. I agree with previous reviewers. The first and second floors are NOISY from the tenants above. Our kitchen lights burn out frequently because of shaking floors from the above tenants who are simply walking normally. The hard water makes keeping the bathroom impossible. I think the shower doors had 20 years of buildup still on them when we moved in. The mold and white layer of scum was truly as unappetizing as it comes. I finally found a product that works to remove it, though. The maintenance man is a nice guy. Whenever I call he comes within the 48 hour window or less and is honest, efficient, and professional. When we moved in the neighbors were quiet (except for the footstep noise, which was ridiculous). New multi-person neighbors have crammed in and are party animals with domestic voilence, trash in the halls and parking lot, and yelling in the parking lot and halls in the evenings and middle-of the night. Much transient traffic and too many people living in the apartments. Finally, we took the place, in part, for the tennis court, the gym, the pool table, and the swimming pool. The pool closed at the end of Labor Day weekend (and it was still 90 degrees outside), the pool table is only available during business ours, the tennis court went away and was turned into a dog park, and the gym is not open at night unless you pay extra for a keyless fob. Don't let the "perks" fool you. Overall, it's not a horrible place, but I can't recommend it with a clear conscience, either.
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Woodmill Apartments

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